Ways to Regulate Your Blood Pressure "Almost Instantly," Says Science

Blood pressure isn't just a set of numbers you encounter at your regular physical—high blood pressure is a serious condition that can shorten your life. It happens when blood vessels narrow or become ... read more

High blood pressure: The four foods exposed to 'forever' chemicals through their packaging

FOREVER chemicals, also known as PFAS, have been flagged as dangerous to human health for several reasons, but only recently has the risk of high blood pressure been raised in studies. There is ... read more

High blood pressure: The sleep habit that could lower BP matches other lifestyle changes

HIGH blood pressure is one of the most common forms of heart disease, a base condition from which others flow. Keeping blood pressure at a health level is essential for maintaining cardiovascular and ... read more

8 Best Breakfast Habits for High Blood Pressure, Say Dietitians

Breakfast is an excellent meal for beginning your fight against high blood pressure because so many common breakfast items tend raise it. read more

Why you might need blood pressure pills - even if you feel perfectly well

THE Covid-19 death toll makes grim reading - almost 180,000 people in Northern Ireland and Britain have lost their lives to the virus since the pandemic struck in 2020. read more

What salt really does to your body - from high blood pressure to stomach cancer

Like many people, you could be consuming too much sodium – the dietary mineral found in salt – and experts are worried about the impact it’s having on our health. The British Heart Foundation is ... read more

‘Forever chemicals’ linked to high blood pressure in women

Exposure to multiple PFAS chemicals had a stronger effect on blood pressure, and the higher the concentration, the higher the risk. read more

New device supposedly reduces blood pressure through neural stimulation

What challenge does high blood pressure present, what did the researchers develop, and is the device authentic? read more

Graphene electronic-tattoo monitors blood pressure over time

Scientists have developed a new electronic “tattoo” that can monitor a patient’s blood pressure continuously. The e-tattoo is made of graphene and can be worn for long periods without getting in the ... read more

Electronic Tattoo Offers Highly Accurate, Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure is one of the most important indicators of heart health, but it’s tough to frequently and reliably measure outside of a clinical setting. For decades, cuff-based devices that constrict ... read more

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