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Blockchains: How They Work and Why They’ll Change the World

Blockchains were never designed to query websites. “Anything they learn about the outside world has ... and newcomers will stay true to the cause and continue to work to change the world with the tech... read more

Incentivai launches to simulate how hackers break blockchains

That’s why ... they can host the AI simulation tool like a software-as-a-service. The first deployments of blockchains it’s checked will go out in a few months, and the startup has released some case ... read more

Why blockchain technology is flourishing in Metro Vancouver—and how it will change your life

Leasing a space underneath a downtown barbershop, they established a location to ... technology over the conventional banking system. Blockchains are publicly visible and accessible anywhere in the wo... read more

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Meet the Man With a Radical Plan for Blockchain Voting

In this perfect world ... traditional sense on how they’ve been held by the nation-state, are probably not the fittest form of governance to be delivered in digital form ... That’s why intrinsically u... read more

Our 40 year cryptoanarchy movement

The “Cryptoanarchy Manifesto” and why ... world. This movement began through the work of Martin Hellman and Whitfield Diffie who believed that everyone had the right to access and use strong cryptogra... read more

America is going to have to figure out a blockchain strategy — and fast

They also have important applications for national security. Blockchains, for instance, could change supply chain management ... in this critical new technology. That's why U.S. businesses and lawmake... read more

Blockchain update: The danger posed by smart contracts

Overhyped they may be, but blockchains ... and can't be changed or corrupted. This is at once their strength and their weakness. "There are two big problems with smart contracts," said Rosu. "One is t... read more

What Is Cryptocurrency? Everything You Need to Know

There's a group who believes cryptocurrency and the technology behind it can change the world ... work out, can be extremely long term. Think of someone who purchased bitcoins in the beginning of 2011 ... read more

Luna DNA Is About to Revolutionize Medicine -- and It'll Pay You to Help

But how does this work? Why is it so important for consumers to own the data, and how are you structuring this platform? Barry: Yeah, we think that obviously there's a lot of trends going on here. And ... read more

Is Blockchain relevant for any Business Model?

At the other end of the scale it’s going to take over the world ... This is why blockchain developer skills are at a premium. It is important to note that while blockchains contain transaction data, t... read more

Enter Bitcoin: Your Future Revealed in George Gilder’s ‘Life After Google’

It changed my life. It caused me to imagine technology that could move so fast that our industry might be gone in a decade or two. Most of the people where I worked couldn’t see that. They bet on ... ... read more

The Ridiculous Amount of Energy It Takes to Run Bitcoin

allowing it to expand into applications for which it was never intended [see “Blockchains: How They Work and Why They’ll Change the World,” in this issue]. Developers of blockchains for such disparate ... read more

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