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Black Hole Information Paradox

Also, you can learn much, much more about black holes in NOVA's two-hour special, "Black Hole Apocalypse." The link is in the description. Ever wonder what it would be like to fall into a black hole? ... read more

'Black Hole Apocalypse' Premieres on PBS Tonight

A new NOVA documentary takes viewers on a virtual journey into a black hole and delves into the exciting new things scientists have learned about the most bizarre places in the universe. The two-hour ... read more

Expert to explain ‘sheer weirdness’ of celestial wonders as part of new SAC Museum exhibit

there’d no longer be any warmth, so that would be bad.” But we don’t have to worry about a black hole apocalypse, Dussault said. And from our safe distance, we can admire them as both destroyers and c... read more

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Black hole Sagittarius A, at the heart of our galaxy, erupts. But don't panic. Yet

IS THIS a sign of the impending Mayan apocalypse? NASA has observed an eruption ... The Milky Way's resident supermassive black hole - Sagittarius A - is unusually quiet. And that's probably a good th... read more

Black Hole Apocalypse

PETER GALISON (Harvard University): …galaxies. JANNA LEVIN: …none are as strange, mysterious or powerful as black holes. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON (American Museum of Natural History): Black holes are the m... read more

Holy shit, Muse fans! A supermassive black hole just ate a star

As a black hole in Arp 299 swallows a star twice the size of our own ... let’s all pray that no more Muse lyrics come true, although ‘Apocalypse Please’ is starting to sound more like a Newsnight repo... read more

Worried About the End of the World on Dec. 21? Don’t Be.

Space is filled with scary stuff, a lot of which seems bent on our destruction. Rogue planets, killer solar flares, and monstrous black holes are the Mayan apocalyptanators I see the most. So, could t... read more

Gravitational waves get to play a starring role in ‘Black Hole Apocalypse’ on TV

Black holes are the collapsed stars of the show on “Black Hole Apocalypse,” a two-hour “NOVA” presentation that’s premiering Wednesday on PBS. But the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observato... read more

Supercollider: The Black Hole Apocalypse

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