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What the Sight of a Black Hole Means to a Black Hole Physicist

the Nova film I hosted was called “Black Hole Apocalypse”). A black hole the mass of the sun would have an event horizon a mere 6 kilometers across. Compare that to the 1.4-million-kilometer breadth ... read more

'Black Hole Apocalypse' Premieres on PBS Tonight

A new NOVA documentary takes viewers on a virtual journey into a black hole and delves into the exciting new things scientists have learned about the most bizarre places in the universe. The two-hour ... read more

Gravitational waves get to play a starring role in ‘Black Hole Apocalypse’ on TV

“Maybe we’ll do ‘Black Hole Apocalypse 2,’ ” she said. “We’ll see.” Love space and science? Sign up for our GeekWire Space & Science email newsletter for top headlines from Alan Boyle, GeekWire’s ... read more

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From early theory to recent discoveries NOVA's "Black Hole Apocalypse" has all the answers

It's all right there in "Black Hole Apocalypse." As executive producer Chris Schmidt ... Matthew Rozsa is a breaking news writer for Salon. He holds an MA in History from Rutgers University-Newark and ... read more

Black Hole Apocalypse-NOVA PBS' 2 Hour Voyage to Most Powerful & Mysterious Objects In Universe

They are the most enigmatic, mysterious, and exotic objects in the universe: black holes. They're also the most powerful; their gravity is so strong that nothing?not even light?can escape their pull. ... read more

Tonight: 2 Tucson astronomers part of PBS show on black holes

... who have extensively studied the mysteries of black holes will be featured in the premiere of NOVA’s “Black Hole Apocalypse” on Wednesday, Jan. 10. The two-hour television program airs here at 8 p ... read more

Black Hole Hunter: Janna Levin

You know, when was space itself created? When did clocks start to tick? And most recently, black holes. I'm Janna Levin, astrophysicist and author. Levin : No! I was definitely not one of those kids ... read more

Yale Professor Priyamvada Natarajan Featured on PBS ‘Black Hole Apocalypse’ Special

An Indian American professor at Yale University is being featured in a Jan. 10 two-hour TV special on PBS entitled, “Nova: Black Hole Apocalypse.” Yale professor of physics and astronomy Priyamvada ... read more

Gravitational waves get to play a starring role in ‘Black Hole Apocalypse’ on TV

Black holes are the collapsed stars of the show on “Black Hole Apocalypse,” a two-hour “NOVA” presentation that’s premiering Wednesday on PBS. But the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave ... read more

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