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Binge Drinkers Risk Brain Damage - Latest News

Binge Drinking Linked With Brain Damage

Once considered a rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood, experts now believe binge drinking can cause serious brain damage. Binge drinking, or heavy episodic drinking, has typically been expla... read more

College Students May Suffer Permanent Brain Damage from Binge Drinking, Study Shows

The 21-and-older drinking ... cause brain damage, these results suggest that for some drinkers damage onset can begin after only a few binge-drinking instances. Don't miss: Kids and Guns: Why Pediatri... read more

Binge drinking can damage brains of young students, says research

In self-confessed binge-drinkers they found neural changes that looked like early signs of brain damage. Lead scientist Dr Eduardo Lopez-Caneda, from the University of Minho in Portugal, said: "These ... read more

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Binge drinkers' brains respond differently to risky child's play

... child's game with high-tech brain measurements in a novel experiment examining how the brain's risk reactivity is connected to risky behaviors like binge drinking. The results showed the brains of ... read more

Citing high-risk drinking on campus, University expands 5-SURE and Cardinal Nights; launches Alcohol Solutions Group

They added that brain injury linked to binge drinking is especially concerning in an educational ... engage campus in a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to lessen high-risk drinking.” The two pro... read more

Binge drinking and your brain: Raising risk of dependence

Normally, the brain relies on blood sugar for fuel, but it can also use other things like acetate. Binge drinking on an empty stomach can drop a person’s blood sugar acutely, and the acetic acid can f... read more

Health Buzz: Binge Drinking Damages Brain for Years to Come

Binge drinking during adolescence and young adulthood could ... The researchers also found that changes to the hippocampal circuits of the brain may increase the risk for injury, trauma or disease. “I... read more

Study: Teenage binge drinking could lead to long term brain damage

Researchers say binge drinking as a teenager could damage your brain for life. According to the study ... The authors of the study claim teens who drink are at a higher risk of developing anxiety diso... read more

Binge drinking and blackouts: Sobering truths about lost learning for college students

While many young people may euphemistically refer to binge drinking as “partying,” those of us who study addiction know that it is a serious health risk for young people ... and susceptible college-ag... read more

Innovative Detox Finds Binge Drinking Increases Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, Brain Damage and Premature Death

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Mar 23, 2016) - Drinking will kill you, but binge drinking will kill you quicker, according to a blog just published by Las Vegas-based Innovative Detox, which offers ult... read more

What Binge Drinking Can Do to a Student's Brain

But, first, we have a report on the effects of binge drinking on the brains of young adults ... college students -- at higher risk for injury.” The research showed that as blackouts increased, so did ... read more

A brain protein called vimentin can indicate damage to the hippocampus following binge drinking

and brain damage. Binge drinking in particular is known to increase the risk of developing dementia and/or brain damage, yet little is known about an exact threshold for the damaging effects of alcoho... read more

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