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Beyond The Milky Way: The Sublime Beauty Of Our Galactic Neighbors - Latest News

Beyond the Milky Way: The sublime beauty of our galactic neighbors

With the upcoming 2020 launch of the James Webb Space Telescope promising to capture pictures of universe with a degree of detail never before seen, we take a look back at some of the most ... read more

Planetfall: A New Anthology of Our Expeditions Across the Solar System

Our telescopes both in orbit and on the ground have provided us with ever-clearer pictures of the universe beyond ... galaxies*. NASA's Kepler mission has identified thousands of probable planets ... read more

Why do galaxies align?

Embedded within these filaments are densely populated groups and clusters of galaxies. Between them lie immense voids. Our own Milky Way Galaxy resides in the ... has slowly woven a cosmic web of ... read more

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First Folio captures universal truths in dazzling tale of ‘Sky’

It seems inconceivable, but it’s been less than a century since humans realized that the universe went beyond the boundaries of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. As late as 1918 ... Leavitt’s story ... read more

“Explosion of Awareness”—Kubrick, Nietzsche, Hubble, and the Starting Point for a 21st Century Space Philosophy

If there is any cosmic justification for our existence — perhaps as self-aware stardust, as one way the universe knows itself in a tiny part of one galaxy ... beyond and back to Earth. The Milky Way ... read more

Kubrick's indestructible influence: "Interstellar’’ joins the long tradition of borrowing from "2001’’

While we’ve long since warp-drived our way beyond the ... very simplicity and beauty, the power of its scale, invites us for a moment to experience the scale of the unknown and to appreciate our ... read more

A Major Correction

Last October, The Atlantic published, “Jupiter Is the Best Planet,” an article by Adrienne LaFrance. As editor of that article, I must take responsibility for the way it misled ... in the starry ... read more

Why our little world needs cinematic space odysseys

Finally, one of the most-eagerly awaited films of the year has landed in cinemas to pick us up and take us beyond the stratosphere ... 100 to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way and the Milky Way is ... read more

Edge of the world: Exploring Chile’s Atacama Desert

Others see sensual beauty, a seductive simplicity and grandeur, a place to jettison anxieties, to revisit life’s priorities, to embrace the sublime while sipping ... fact after another. Our own galaxy ... read more

A Spectacular Spiral May Encircle the Milky Way

The Milky Way has several of these arms. Now astronomers in China have discovered that one of them may wrap around the entire galaxy, putting our galactic home in an elite group among its spiral ... read more

Planetfall: A New Anthology of Our Expeditions Across the Solar System

Today, we have humans living on a semi-permanent basis in space, rovers prowling about Mars, and spacecraft whizzing by planets beyond the ... explored and seen. The Milky Way over the south Indian ... read more

Far and Away, Flat Out, The West’s Best Road Trip!

It turns out it is indeed open, and so we venture inside to a galaxy of Martian t-shirts, X-Files posters, space gimcracks, UFO tchotchkes and an empty bottle of Alien Tequila. Someone, it seems, ... read more

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