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Beyond The Milky Way: The Sublime Beauty Of Our Galactic Neighbors - Latest News

Beyond the Milky Way: The sublime beauty of our galactic neighbors

With the upcoming 2020 launch of the James Webb Space Telescope promising to capture pictures of universe with a degree of detail never before seen, we take a look back at some of the most breathtakin... read more

Why do galaxies align?

Embedded within these filaments are densely populated groups and clusters of galaxies. Between them lie immense voids. Our own Milky Way Galaxy resides in the ... has slowly woven a cosmic web of subl... read more

First Folio captures universal truths in dazzling tale of ‘Sky’

It seems inconceivable, but it’s been less than a century since humans realized that the universe went beyond the boundaries of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. As late as 1918 ... Leavitt’s story unfo... read more

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Planetfall: A New Anthology of Our Expeditions Across the Solar System

Today, we have humans living on a semi-permanent basis in space, rovers prowling about Mars, and spacecraft whizzing by planets beyond the ... explored and seen. The Milky Way over the south Indian Oc... read more

Image of the Day: The Hubble takes a stab into the starry heart of our Milky Way

Beyond a handful of blue foreground stars seen, this hypnotic congregation is a member of the Milky Way’s nuclear star cluster, the most massive and densest star cluster in our galaxy ... a tapestry o... read more

Ten things you don’t know about the Milky Way Galaxy

So the little bubble of stars we can see around us is just a drop in the ocean of the Milky Way. 7) 90% of it is invisible. When you look at the motions of the stars in our galaxy, you can apply some ... read more

Six cosmic catastrophes that could wipe out life on Earth

Supernova explosions, which take place when a star has reached the end of its life, occur on average once or twice every 100 years in our Milky Way. They are more likely ... but in every instance they ... read more

The Best Astronomy and Space Pictures of 2013

Part of that is the wonder and awe it generates, learning about the Universe and our place in it. But of course, there is great beauty in the skies as well. From our nearest neighbors to the most dist... read more

As We Say Goodbye to Neil Armstrong, Should We Also Let Go of Our Space Fantasies?

Galaxies! In the early 1980's, when I began my career as a science journalist, I still believed that space represented our destiny. I wrote an admiring ... let alone the Milky Way. Even before the rec... read more

Almost 500 explosions found in galaxy cores

In 2013, ESA launched its Gaia spacecraft to measure the location of a billion stars in the Milky Way and tens of millions of galaxies. Each position on the sky enters Gaia's view once every month, fo... read more

7 ways to celebrate International Dark Sky Week

Learn how to help celebrate and preserve the beauty of the night. The 2014 International Dark ... Shield outdoor lighting, or at least angle it downward, to minimize light trespass beyond your propert... read more

How many habitable planets are there in the galaxy?

That’s close, compared to the vast size of our galaxy. So let’s assume Gliese 581g is the closest potentially habitable planet to us. Given that assumption, we can estimate the number of potentially h... read more

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