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Bernie Sanders Would Likely Raise Taxes To Pay For Universal Health Care - Latest News

Bernie Sanders would likely raise taxes to pay for universal health care

Bernie Sanders likely wants to raise everyone's taxes to pay for universal health care, but promises it will be worth it. The Democratic presidential contender has long promoted a single payer health ... read more

Sen. Kamala Harris’s 2020 policy agenda: $3 trillion tax plan, tax credits for renters, bail reform, Medicare for all

Bernie Sanders’s Medicare-for-all health-care ... universal prekindergarten, funded by the federal government. Harris, by contrast, is expected to run on both a single-payer health program projected t... read more

Here's How Much Bernie Sanders Would Raise Taxes

Bernie ... Sanders’ plan to provide universal, single-payer healthcare. Sanders says he’d pay for that with a new 2.2% income-based “health care premium” tax, as well as a 6.2% payroll tax paid for by ... read more

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If single payer were really a bargain, supporters like Rep. John Yarmuth would be upfront about its cost

Bernie Sanders ... tax hikes will both be huge. Not to worry, say single-payer supporters, the higher taxes would be a bargain because no longer would Americans have to pay for health care ... read more

Can California and NYC Afford Their Near-Universal Health-Care Plans?

Bernie Sanders and ... a form of universal health care that has yet to be successfully implemented in any state because of cost concerns. On Monday, hours after being sworn in, Newsom officially propo... read more

Details and Analysis of Senator Bernie Sanders’s Tax Plan

According to the Tax Foundation’s Taxes and Growth Model, the plan would significantly increase ... Bernie Sanders’s tax plan. Below are a few questions, to clarify the details of the plan. The plan i... read more

Opinion: The rising support for single-payer health care

Democratic lawmakers have proposed several bills that would hand the government control over our health care system to varying degrees. Sen. Bernie Sanders' 2017 single-payer bill, whose 16 co ... read more

Sanders Proposes Tax Hike To Pay For Universal Health Care

Bernie ... pay for it, Sanders proposes higher payroll taxes, a health care premium and a top marginal tax rate of more than 50 percent. Hillary Clinton is expected to criticize the plan at Sunday nig... read more

Sanders’ Plan Would Raise Taxes a Staggering $13.6 Trillion over a Decade

Bernie Sanders of Vermont didn’t mince his words during last Monday night’s Democratic town hall in Iowa when he promised, “We will raise taxes, yes we will” to pay for the ... Obamacare with a univer... read more

Free college and healthcare for all - how would Bernie Sanders pay for it?

Sanders has laid out certain proposals, along with how he'd pay for them. But he's remained mum on what could be the costliest: universal health care ... that it would only raise about $51 billion a y... read more

Sanders releases ‘Medicare for All’ health care bill

In an interview, Sanders said Tuesday his measure would likely be paid for in a “progressive way.” Aides said it would likely be financed by income-adjusted premiums people would pay the ... a huge ta... read more

Medicare-for-all is a classic primary-season conundrum

What in 2004 was a fairly quiet push for single-payer — that is, government-centralized — health care championed by former Vermont governor Howard Dean had, by 2016, become Sen. Bernie Sanders ... tha... read more

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