Why does the UK still have such a shameful attitude to poverty and benefits?

Study after study explodes the myth of the benefit ‘scrounger’. Sympathy is growing – but apparently not among Tories, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee ... read more

5 spices in your home that you didn’t know had this much benefits

There are some spices in your home right now that you have no idea of how many health benefits they embody. There’s much more that those ... read more

Coconut oil for hair: Diving into benefits, best products, and how to use them

Coconut oil for hair would top the list for the most moisturising ingredients of all time. Read on to know about the restorative ingredient. read more

Marital education benefits people's overall health: Study

According to a study conducted by researchers at Indiana University marital education is positively associated with people overall health with an effect siz ... read more

Dolphins in Lisbon river show benefits of protecting nature

Delegates attending a U.N. conference in Lisbon next week might take inspiration for their efforts to protect the oceans by looking out of the venue’s windows at Portugal’s longest river, where ... read more

The good and the bad: Social Security benefits are not prorated

Q: It has always puzzled me why Social Security takes back a person’s Social Security check for the month he or she dies. My aunt died in April, and as ... read more

Extension of trade-related benefits likely

Bangladesh is likely to be able to reap trade-related benefits following its graduation from the least developed country status in 2026 and an opportunity has been created to this end. Commerce ... read more

Classic cast iron: Sturdy skillets heavy on family history, benefits

These days, however, cast iron can sometimes get a bad rap. It's heavy to deal with and demands occasional care. read more

'Nuclear option' Brexit bill hard to justify under international law as 'no one benefits'

A BILL threatening to tear up a Brexit trade deal has been described as a "nuclear option" which would be hard for the Government to justify under international law. read more

Akufo-Addo’s travels have benefits, what about yours – Presidency to Ablakwa

Indeed, one may be tempted to ask just what benefit our nation has derived from Hon. Ablakwa’s foreign trips as Ranking Member on the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament, ostensibly, to ‘inspect’ ... read more

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