Yes, They Are Tall. No, They Do Not Play Basketball.

And by now Rasmussen, 61, is ready for the strangers who gawk and take photographs and ask versions of the same question that he has fielded his entire life: Did you play basketball? For exceptionally ... read more

TikTok basketball star Haley Cavinder silences Indiana crowd after sending Miami to Sweet 16

Haley Cavinder heard "stick to TikTok" chants while shooting free throws for Miami against No. 1-seeded Indiana. She shut the crowd up after helping send her team to the Sweet 16. read more

Louisville women's basketball star has tense altercation with Texas player after win

The Louisville Cardinals defeated the Texas Longhorns in the second round of the women's NCAA Tournament Monday, and star Hailey Van Lith had a tense moment after the game. read more

OU Basketball Coach Jennie Baranczyk's Daughter Is Her Mini-Me Screaming on March Madness Sidelines

Oklahoma University's women's basketball coach Jennie Baranczyk has made a die-hard fan out of her little girl. The team fell in the second round of the NCAA tournament on Monday, and not without ... read more

College basketball is better when the Big East is big

You know what would be great for this sport, particularly as its biggest regular-season draw, Duke-Carolina, transitions into a new era? read more

Lucrative NIL Opportunities Await Basketball Players Competing In The Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 is here. The stakes for each team are high; and for each athlete competing, it’s a rare chance to raise your profile and attract new NIL deals. read more

Sac State women's head basketball coach takes top job at TCU

Sacramento State's women's head basketball coach, Mark Campbell, is officially moving on. The coach is headed to Texas to become head coach of the women's basketball team at TCU. read more

Arkansas basketball wins differently than Nate Oats' Alabama. I enjoy that | Toppmeyer

Arkansas is among six Sweet 16 teams proving the midrange jumper retains a place in college basketball. Meanwhile, Alabama relishes the 3-pointer. read more

How 2023 recruiting class can improve Mississippi State basketball's 3-point shooting

State basketball made the NCAA Tournament despite ranking last nationally in 3-point shooting. The incoming class help in that area. read more

For Princeton basketball, assistant coach Brett MacConnell's skills are paying off

The former Rutgers manager has been a master recruiter and tactician for Mitch Henderson. He'll be a head coach soon. read more

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