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Ask The Horse Doctor: How To Prevent Colic In Horses When The Weather Turns Cold - Latest News

Ask the Horse Doctor: How to prevent colic in horses when the weather turns cold

Dear Readers: The past two weeks have been unrelentingly brutal to us and our horses. We have started to see the colic surge that is typical of this time of the year. So I am going to issue a colic wa... read more

Tips for Preventing Impaction Colic in Horses This Winter

Impaction colic ... prevent water from freezing. Even if your buckets and troughs don’t freeze, some horses don’t like to drink cold water, and a heater might help. When plain water isn’t palatable en... read more

Horse's case raises an important question: What would happen if animals could sue us?

It’s hard not to root for Justice the horse. When rescuers found him in March 2017, the 7-year-old then called Shadow, had been left out with little food all through the bitterly cold Oregon winter .. ... read more

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Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

a potentially successful thorium program would have actually been seen as threatening to U.S. interests in the Cold War environment. Today, however, the situation is very different. Rather than wantin... read more

Shoestring Living: Be grateful every day

Back in the land where we didn’t have kids that participated in unimaginably expensive sports or wished for gifts like iPod Touches, my husband and I actually purchased gifts for each other. I am a go... read more

Politico Symposium on How to Handle the Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Accusation

Politico has posted a symposium on how the Senate should handle the sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The symposium includes pieces by various prominent le... read more

The 'national interest' is a figleaf to avoid debate

"There is no such thing as the national interest," I tell my first-year Australian foreign policy students. This tends to stop them in their tracks. After all, if there is no such thing as the nationa... read more

Why CNN reported 'Slavery's Last Stronghold'

(CNN) - On Sunday, CNN Digital released a special report called "Slavery's Last Stronghold." It focuses on current-day slavery in Mauritania, a West African country where an estimated 10% to 20% of pe... read more

The Epidemiology Of Colic

Grain overload usually occurs as an accident or in group feeding situations and can cause colic. Horses with reduced water intake due to cold or frozen water ... the risk of infection if a horse were ... read more

25 Species That Have Made Amazing Comebacks

(Just ask the dodo.) New Zealanders take great pride in the five ... Though the symptoms can be tricky to identify, testing for anemia is simple once a doctor suspects a patient has it. After taking a ... read more

Anti-fluoridation crankery? How quaintly 1960s! I only wish it weren't on ScienceBlogs

Cold War. It's teh Communism ... the true purpose of introducing foreign substances into our precious bodily fluids: But I digress. I ask your forgiveness because I love this particular movie and will ... read more

How the Religious See Robots

Catholic astronomers and even Pope Francis have talked about how the Catholic Church could theoretically welcome aliens from other planets into the religious fold. But believers of Catholicism and oth... read more

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