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Ask Ethan: How Does Quantum Physics Make Levitation Possible - Latest News

Ask Ethan: How Does Quantum Physics Make Levitation Possible?

The idea of levitating off the ground has been a staple of science fiction dreams and human imagination since time immemorial. While we don't have our hoverboards just yet, we do have the very real ph... read more

Ask Ethan: Can we use quantum entanglement to communicate faster-than-light?

It involves subtle trickery, beautiful tightropes of logic on which one has to walk in order not to make a mistake in predicting ... umpires were as consistent as the laws of quantum physics! Submit y... read more

That Hoverboard Video Was Totally Fake, But Quantum Levitation Isn’t

So no, Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd did not crack the quantum ... try to make a problem as simple as possible, but not simpler. Here, that problem is finding the real science behind pop culture. Bu... read more

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Curious Kids: What existed before the Big Bang? Did something have to be there to go boom?

Ethan, 10, Sydney ... And things can get even weirder. It is also possible that time did not exist before the Big Bang. So it may not make any sense to ask what happened “before”. read more

Why can't we get down to absolute zero?

Or you're wondering if it would be possible to outrun a wave of cold. Either way, in this week's "Ask a Physicist ... stop entirely. Does everything really stop? Classically, everything stops at absol... read more

411 Fact or Fiction Wrestling: When Should WWE Turn Roman Reigns Heel?

Participants were told to expect wrestling-related content, as well as possible statements on quantum physics ... so set on Roman Reigns being the face of WWE that they don’t just buck the fans, ignor... read more

Rethinking Knowledge in the Internet Age

It might be politics, quantum physics ... your finger. Do we have to follow them? Of course not. We tend to follow those that make sense to us. Our interests turn out to be distressingly parochial and ... read more

2014-15 NBA Power Rankings After 10 Weeks of Action

As close to 100 as possible for all of us. But once we see all our pieces on the floor, coach Blatt and the coaching staff [can] do a great job ... who have made some quantum leaps at that stage of th... read more

Ask Ethan #45: How deep does the Multiverse go? (Synopsis)

Dr. Seuss For almost a year now, you’ve all been sending in your questions and suggestions to me, and I’ve been picking my favorite one of the week for Ask Ethan, our weekly Q&A series. This week, tho... read more

Liquid Droplets May Help Unravel the Secrets of Quantum Mechanics

John Bush from MIT is discovering how these droplets can help us understand the tiny particles that make up everything ... matter physics, the same way that Couder’s droplets have given countless peop... read more

Ask Ethan #91: Does Quantum Gravity Need String Theory?

As Sabine Hossenfelder elegantly explained, there are multiple physical instances where we need a quantum theory of gravity, all having to do with gravitational physics on the smallest ... for the sub... read more

Build a levitating bed for under $1000

Many of us have had this exact thought and wondered if it was feasible. As it turns out, you can, in fact, just buy a bunch of magnets and make a levitating bed. Those magnets need to be extremely str... read more

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