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Ask Ethan: How Does Quantum Physics Make Levitation Possible - Latest News

Ask Ethan: How Does Quantum Physics Make Levitation Possible?

The idea of levitating off the ground has been a staple of science fiction dreams and human imagination since time immemorial. While we don’t have our hoverboards just yet, we do have the very real ph... read more

That Hoverboard Video Was Totally Fake, But Quantum Levitation Isn’t

So no, Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd did not crack the quantum ... try to make a problem as simple as possible, but not simpler. Here, that problem is finding the real science behind pop culture. Bu... read more

Why can't we get down to absolute zero?

Or you're wondering if it would be possible to outrun a wave of cold. Either way, in this week's "Ask a Physicist ... stop entirely. Does everything really stop? Classically, everything stops at absol... read more

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Curious Kids: What existed before the Big Bang? Did something have to be there to go boom?

Ethan ... world do not require causes, it is possible that there was no cause to start off the Big Bang! And things can get even weirder. It is also possible that time did not exist before the Big Ban... read more

Double Comments of the Week #170: From terraforming Mars to what is and isn't expanding

Which means you really do only have two options: either you'll be pulled in or the tether will snap. But you can continue to not have the tether snap if you fall in at the minimum possible ... physics ... read more

Process Variation And Aging

What designers do today is run either one or the other independently, and then they make assumptions about how ... transistor to a million-gate design. Is it possible to extrapolate? Geada: This is wh... read more

A solid case of entanglement

A central superconducting electrode (blue) is connected to two quantum dots engineered in the same single ... and highlighted with a Viewpoint in the January 11 issue of Physics. In optical entangleme... read more

Build a levitating bed for under $1000

Many of us have had this exact thought and wondered if it was feasible. As it turns out, you can, in fact, just buy a bunch of magnets and make a levitating bed. Those magnets need to be extremely str... read more

Ask Ethan: Can we use quantum entanglement to communicate faster-than-light?

It involves subtle trickery, beautiful tightropes of logic on which one has to walk in order not to make a mistake in predicting ... umpires were as consistent as the laws of quantum physics! Submit y... read more

Liquid Droplets May Help Unravel the Secrets of Quantum Mechanics

John Bush from MIT is discovering how these droplets can help us understand the tiny particles that make up everything ... matter physics, the same way that Couder’s droplets have given countless peop... read more

Comments of the Week #180: From the planets Kepler missed to the NASA photos that changed the world

How we've got everything from relativity to quantum physics to astrophysics ... This is a valuable lesson, and should make you appreciate the times you were right (or won) all the more. From GregH: "1 ... read more

How Many Galaxies Are There in the Universe? The Redder We Look, the More We See

Ethan Siegel is a theoretical astrophysicist living in Portland ... The XDF has far more galaxies in it than the HUDF does in a comparable region of space. Take a look for yourself at a small portion ... read more

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