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Ask Ethan: How Does Quantum Physics Make Levitation Possible - Latest News

Ask Ethan: How Does Quantum Physics Make Levitation Possible?

The idea of levitating off the ground has been a staple of science fiction dreams and human imagination since time immemorial. While we don't have our hoverboards just yet, we do have the very real ... read more

That Hoverboard Video Was Totally Fake, But Quantum Levitation Isn’t

So no, Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd did not crack the quantum ... try to make a problem as simple as possible, but not simpler. Here, that problem is finding the real science behind pop culture. ... read more

Why can't we get down to absolute zero?

Or you're wondering if it would be possible to outrun a wave of cold. Either way, in this week's "Ask a Physicist ... stop entirely. Does everything really stop? Classically, everything stops at ... read more

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Double Comments of the Week #170: From terraforming Mars to what is and isn't expanding

Which means you really do only have two options: either you'll be pulled in or the tether will snap. But you can continue to not have the tether snap if you fall in at the minimum possible ... physics ... read more

Curious Kids: What existed before the Big Bang? Did something have to be there to go boom?

Ethan ... world do not require causes, it is possible that there was no cause to start off the Big Bang! And things can get even weirder. It is also possible that time did not exist before the Big ... read more

Ask Ethan: How Do Quantum Fields Create Particles?

Across different locations in space and time, the value of the field fluctuates, just like all quantum fields do. The quantum Universe ... and the music of overtones, and the possible sounds it can ... read more

The predictive ability of psychic theory is zero

If you thought what I had to say about relativity was counterintuitive and incomprehensible, then the propositions of quantum physics make relativity ... While it is possible that other forces may yet ... read more

Playing With Ideas

When I ask Stoppard what ... leading him to make high-strung, Greta Garbo-ish statements. “I don’t do interviews under false pretenses,” he told me the following week. “My aim will be to be as boring ... read more

Laser Trends: Come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab

People joke that “fusion is 50 years away, no matter when you ask,” NIF Director Edward Moses said during a plenary speech at the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), held in Baltimore last ... read more

Comments of the Week #172: From sodium-and-water to the most dangerous comet of all

I'd rather just earnestly ask ... to quantum physics. It is not up to the Universe to bow to your claims of what makes sense and what doesn't; the Universe does what it does and it's up to us to ... read more

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