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Ask a Fool: Can I Sell a Losing Stock, Deduct the Losses, and Then Buy It Back?

Q: I own a stock that's worth a lot less than I paid. I could use a tax deduction for the losses, but I still believe in the long-term value of the stock. Can I sell it, write off the loss, and then b... read more

What Is a Corporate Bond?

Going back to our example, say you buy ... a stock market downturn. But since the bond market is relatively stable, you're less likely to face losses when you need to sell your corporate bonds to acce... read more

How Much Cash Should A DGI Investor Hold?

Now we're finally approaching the original question that I wanted to ask: How much cash should a DGI investor hold ... continue to sell off. I sold my O position last year at $69, and I would love to ... read more

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League limits Packers’ ability to sell non-stock stock

Only the Green Bay Packers have a public ownership structure, via stock that isn’t actually stock because it has no appreciating value and can ... to sell a small piece of their equity via non-stock s... read more

Seven Mental Biases That Can Impact How You Invest

This is when you continue to put time, energy or money into something simply because you've already made an investment in it—and refuse to cut your losses and acknowledge that you can't get back those ... read more

Still Trading for a Living: A Conversation with Dr. Alexander Elder

Dr. Alexander Elder: Very much so. People go through stages and very often I can tell which stage they’re on simply by listening to the questions that they ask ... don’t be a fool. If you’re going to ... read more

Five Ways to Consistently Bank Gains and Manage Winning Trades

They buy something then assume that it will somehow plod along on autopilot. This is a variation of what I call the "greater fool ... to sell call options against their stock as a means of offsetting ... read more

How to Give Stock to Charity

While donating shares to charity can be a solid move when you have stocks that have been gaining, it's better not to donate losing shares to charity. When you donate a stock, you are only allowed to d... read more

Ask a Fool: Are There Any Penny Stocks Worth Buying?

How can I find ... company has been losing money for some time, and a turnaround, while not impossible, looks highly unlikely. The same could be said for companies like RadioShack or Aeropostale, both ... read more

KAHLER: Class asset diversity best long-term investment strategy

You know exactly where your money is, and you can get ... afraid of the stock market and view investing almost as a form of gambling. Wise long-term investing in the stock market is anything but gambl... read more

The One Time Taxes are a Love Note from the Gov't

I’m talking about those who buy ... you sell your property at a loss, you get to take the loss as an ordinary loss. This means that you can use the loss to offset any other type of income. This is qui... read more

Where Are The Customers' Yachts?

The probability of dying when you walk around outside today is a whole lot less than it was back then. Fred gives the following example from his book about investors fearing the losses ... You can't a... read more

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