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Ashes To Ashes: Heres What Happens When Your Body Is Cremated - Latest News

Exactly What Happens When You Get Cremated

In the movie version of life and death, a cremated person’s remains sit up on the shelf at home, or friends scatter their ashes in the wind over a ... That’s essentially what happens to the body, when ... read more

Feature: An evening at a 'Death Café'

Underwood recognized that his young urban friends had no way to talk about what happens ... my mother's ashes," the North Carolinian breaks in. "Okay, okay, but what about your great grandmother? read more

13 ways you can cheat death by using your ashes to become something awesome

It can happen ... Here are some of the craziest ways you can use death as an opportunity to become something awesome. View As: One Page Slides Death is no fun. But shooting stuff can be. If you sacrif... read more

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Get the last laugh by insisting that your family send your ashes to the moon for $10,000

I’d also consider the possibility of you sending my ashes to the moon ... has arisen by the time I die. Here’s what will happen… “The process is simple and completed with the utmost respect and care. ... read more

Parents tell of tragedy of their daughters who were bullied when they came out

We decided to have her cremated, her dad has some of her ashes and I have part of her ... as a parent but everybody's telling you that raised your children well. But then, why isn't she still here? 'I... read more

A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl Album

Well, if you hope to have your song play long after you’ve left the recording studio of life, there’s a way for that to happen–literally–by having ... With their basic package they will take your actu... read more

Q-and-A on handling of ashes following cremation

Here are ... the ashes? A.: We can’t change the past, of course, and if you truly didn’t realize at that time that it shouldn’t be done, then you shouldn’t burden yourself with guilt. Remember that wh... read more

This is no way to treat the dead

Here is how it works (and, if you have just eaten, forgive me). A machine uses a chemical bath to dissolve protein, blood, and fat. After that happens ... cremated. No service. Frankly, it just wasn’t ... read more

What really happens to you when you die?

Not in a spiritual sense, what actually happens to your body when ... like your ashes scattering somewhere important to you when you're gone. But how are those ashes made? John Hulse is the last perso... read more

Forensic Search Dogs Sniff Out Human Ashes In Wildfire Wreckage

"The deal here is, we're trying to find ashes within ... for cremated remains is totally new and isn't part of the cleanup protocol for FEMA or the Army Corps of Engineers. But he says it should be. D... read more

This Is What Death Really Looks Like

Related: Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Die Ertmann’s photos are hard to look ... It takes about an hour, an hour and a half, to transform into ashes. If there are bone fragments, they are ... read more

Ashes to art: Kalispell duo turns remains into glass works

They are what's come to be known as ashes to art. "Western culture has a fear of death," Markellis explains. "We push it away, don't think about it. Then, when it happens ... mori" can be translated a... read more

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