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Are You Driving Without Valid Car Insurance Three Things Which Mean Youre Breaking The Law - Latest News

Best Car Insurance Rates in Michigan

For drivers in Michigan, here is your guide to the best car insurance rates. Whether you’re a ... when driving (or allowing your vehicle to be driven) without adequate auto insurance coverage. If you ... read more

Driving illegally in Japan

Lease Japan puts a lot of people behind the wheel of a new or used car ... the law gives you a grace period of one year, in practice you could be cited anyway. When you consider that a conviction for ... read more

Self-Driving Cars Are Not (Yet) Safe

Three things have happened in the last month that have made ... And that’s assuming that people are violating the Tesla terms of service and driving without intervention; if you allow for people savin... read more

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Baby, You Can Drive My Car, and Do My Errands, and Rent My Stuff…

We talked about the insanity of driving in Rome, and I helpfully explained what the P, D, N and R mean ... you're on Airbnb) and replacement cars to ride-sharing drivers after an accident. He's workin... read more

3 Reasons You're Broke

Instead, buy only things you can ... or a rental when you need a vehicle. Or, if you're a two-car household, see if you can work out a way to share just one vehicle. You'll save on car payments, maint... read more

Why Autonomous Cars Might Be A Good Thing For Real Driving Enthusiasts

While many car enthusiasts might not be interested or in favour of not being able to drive their cars in the future, I’m actually looking forward to it. Now, before you pick up your torches and pitchf... read more

Tesla Model 3 Rear Seat Lock Is Pure Genius: Video

As it turns out, there is a problem with thieves stealing precious cargo out of the Tesla Model 3 trunk ... San Francisco area) are breaking the rear corner glass, reaching their hand in and folding d... read more

Buying a Car From the Dealership? Here’s What to Bring With You

You’ve done your research, checked your credit reports to make sure they’re accurate, and you’re ready to get serious about buying a car. You feel ... and proof of auto insurance with you. You shouldn ... read more

Shoestring Living: Be grateful every day

I mean, I’m a strive-for-perfection ... I strive to do this on my family blog and I encourage you to join me by taking a few moments each evening to jot down five to 10 things for which you’re gratefu... read more

The God of Large and Small

You are free to go.” I thanked the judge and wobbled away. On the way out, I did three things. First, I glanced over at ... but acknowledged that He is truly the God of large and small. And finally, I ... read more

American International Group (AIG) Presents at Consumer Electronics Show Conference (Transcript)

And I guess it was probably about three years ago that I first got into a Mercedes prototype, and I was pretty excited at that point in time when a car actually parked itself. These things ... I under... read more

Indiana Solicitor General: It's Constitutional to Seize a Car for Driving 5 MPH Over the Speed Limit

"Without it, state and local law ... things. But Breyer blocks that escape and forces Fisher to address the question. He doesn't handle it well. And there it is. Defending civil asset forfeiture means ... read more

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