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Are we witnessing the death of the corporation?

In the final years of the 17th century, a bunch of rich merchant sailors drafted a proposal for Queen Elizabeth I. For years, they'd been sailing to India to trade spices on an ad-hoc basis, one Queen ... read more

We Might Be Witnessing The 'Death of An Identity'

I've been working at Kotaku for nearly eight years now ... "On the evidence of the last few weeks", he writes, "what we are seeing is the end of gamers, and the viciousness that accompanies the death ... read more

Are we witnessing the death of Caricom?

Outside of this we will continue to whistle in the dark as far as this important integration movement is concerned. Another inconvenient truth that will continue to herald the death of Caricom is that ... read more

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We Are Witnessing The Death Of The Hot Sports Take

Yesterday, we found Mt. Take, a place brimming with the hottest sports ... Take is no sign of resurgence, but rather a death knell. Not only did it remain hidden from our eyes for years, there is also ... read more

Are we witnessing the long, slow death of the potato?

From the days when British dinners were all about meat and two veg, one of which would almost always be potatoes, now we’re likely to be choosing pasta or rice instead, if not more recent arrivals suc... read more

Are we witnessing the death of young-adult dystopia at the movies?

Certainly we haven't seen the end of this franchise: "The Divergent Series: Ascendent — Part 2" is scheduled for a 2017 release. And "The Maze Runner" is filming "The Death Cure," the third and final ... read more

Eugene Hickok: Are we witnessing the death of oratory?

Now, someone would have to attempt to put the senator’s death in context. Someone would have to try to ... But nothing would be the same. We now live in an age of email and Facebook and text messaging ... read more

We are witnessing the end of the House of Clinton

It is the beginning of the end of the House of Clinton: 1. There is the stench of political death around Hillary ... ADVERTISEMENT 3. When have we ever seen the Clintons back off? But they did. 4. The... read more

Are We Witnessing the Last Gasp of American Democracy?

The Stasi did not set up massive death camps and gulags ... lobbying — under which corporations lavish funds on elected officials and write our legislation — as the people’s right to petition the gove... read more

BILL GROSS: 'We Are Witnessing The Death Of Abundance'

stocks, real estate and commodities alike - is now delevering because of excessive "risk" and the "price" of money at the zero-bound. We are witnessing the death of abundance and the borning of auster... read more

Are We Truly Witnessing The End Of Violent Islamism? – Analysis

What is more, he said in 2007, “[we believe that] fighting them is of greater necessity ... action of Trèbes and Carcassonne in the Aude region in France that caused the death of four people is the la... read more

Are we witnessing the death of the CD?