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Bioplotting Bone-Mimetic 3-D Tissue Scaffolds With Osteogenic Effects

The resulting 3-D porous scaffolds can mimic bone architecture for conductive cell-matrix interactions and allow efficient blood vessel growth for advanced BTE. The polymer material nHA selected in th... read more

Nacre-mimetic composite with intrinsic self-healing and shape-programming capability

Replicating nacre’s multiscale architecture represents a promising approach to design ... infiltrating a thermally switchable Diels-Alder network polymer into a lamellar scaffold of alumina. The chemi... read more

For the first time, scientists 'see' dual-layered scaffolding of cellular nuclei

Lining the interior of the membrane encasing the nucleus is the nuclear lamina, a scaffold that gives the ... who studies the mechanics and architecture of nuclear membranes, to learn about ... read more

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Contemporary Artwork Created with Dibond® Reflects Museum’s Exhibition with Bold Contrast to Neo-Gothic Architecture

Kirkpatrick worked with museum building personnel to install the artwork – a process that was completed in 1.5 days utilizing strong scaffolding ... piece housed within the magnificent neo-Gothic arch... read more

Single‐cell Raman microscopy of microengineered cell scaffolds

... combined with the use of nanofabricated 3D scaffolds offers a unique opportunity to assess the influence of scaffold architecture on cell body and cell nuclei morphology and biochemistry. For the ... read more

3 Graduates develop playground for BBMP school at Rs 6,000 cost

BENGALURU: Using old tyres, scaffolding, rope and leftover paint, three architecture graduates have converted a 153sqft empty space in a BBMP nursery school in Byrasandra into a playground. The play e... read more

Three-dimensional bioprinting to bridge the gap in spinal cord injuries

printing has emerged as a tool to create scaffolds that can mimic the structure of many tissues. Nonetheless, it remains a challenge to use 3D printing to replicate heterogeneous tissues with multiple ... read more

OPEN Platform: A Closer Look At Scaffolds And How They Work

The OPEN API removes the difficulties that come with trying to work with different systems and architecture. This is done by ensuring ... The way OPEN intends to achieve this is through the use of Sca... read more

Scaffolding exhibit coming up at the Center for Architecture

In Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, one of the most interesting places described is Thekla, a city consisting entirely of endless construction—nothing but cranes, pulleys, and scaffolding. If you ask ... read more

Enhanced osteogenic activity of pre-osteoblasts on surface-modified 3-D printed scaffolds

Image credit: Credit: Biomedical Materials, doi: 10.1088/1748-605x/aaeb82 The 3D bioprinter platform can create 3D scaffolds in the lab using polymers to engine... read more

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