Anna Maria Mattaar: Translating From Armenian Into Dutch And Vice Versa

Anna Maria Mattaar: Translating from Armenian into Dutch and vice versa

Dutch translator Anna Maria Mattaar speaks Armenian without any effort and without a foreign accent. She is one of those rare Armenian-speaking non Armenians, who translates not only from Armenian ... read more

Hire Writers in Armenia

My name is Mary. I'm a native Armenian. I have about six years of experience in the translation field: from English into Armenian, Russian, and vice versa. My main principle is to deliver excellent ... read more

Hire Editors in Armenia

Hello, welcom to my account.I am a translator and a writer. You are in right account if you want to translate english into armenian or vice versa. I have experience in translation filed. I want to ... read more

Litteratura Coleopterologica (1758–1900): a guide to selected books related to the taxonomy of Coleoptera with publication dates and notes

Remarks. This section provides information relevant to the work such as alternate title pages, subsequent editions, translations, Commission actions, etc. Books issued in parts are often detailed, ... read more


On the completion of the various parts, they are to be co-ordinated and then translated into several languages, so as to supply material for minor histories within the reach of the general public. read more

Kommentarer till DROPS 102-43

Vi vill gärna ha din åsikt om denna modell! Om du har en fråga kring den, kom ihåg att välja rätt kategori i menyn under, så får du snabbare svar! Din mailadress kommer inte att publiceras. read more

Kommentarer til DROPS 102-43

Vi vil gjerne høre din mening om denne modellen! Hvis du ønsker å stille et spørsmål, husk å velge riktig kategori i menyen under - det vil sørge for at du får svar raskere. Din mailadresse vil ikke ... read more

Interview with Rolf and Federica Fehlbaum

I was helping my father with translations and so made their acquaintance ... In fact, very often architects are not good designers. And vice-versa. N.L. - Architecture is about individual buildings, ... read more

Secret Memoirs

And as I start in writing letters to myself, it occurs to me that my worse self may be corresponding with my better self, or vice-versa ... born 1900. And Marie Alix, born 1901. The youngest Princess ... read more

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