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Angular Resolution And What Hubble Cant See - Latest News

Hubble's Universe Unfiltered

While Hubble provides the highest resolution of any visible-light telescope, that resolution has a limit. There are many things in the universe that Hubble can't resolve ... in angular size. Let's add... read more

Some Assembly Required: Giant Next-Generation Space Telescopes Could Be Built Off Earth

The Hubble Space Telescope was visited by astronauts during ... "Large telescopes give you better angular resolution and better spectral resolution, so the future should be bringing larger telescopes, ... read more

Ask Ethan: What Will Our First Direct Image Of An Earth-Like Exoplanet Look Like?

The largest telescope being built of all, the ELT, will be 39 meters in diameter, meaning it has a maximum angular resolution of 0.005 arc seconds ... the orientation of its orbit. This means we can't ... read more

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Why can Hubble get detailed views of distant galaxies but not of Pluto?

How well should Hubble see either the galaxy or Pluto? To answer this question, you need to know the angular resolution of Hubble's camera. The Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) was used for both of these ph... read more

Hubble is a cyclops

Hubble has only one eye. It has one mirror. It can’t perceive depth, and therefore can’t see in 3-D. We see slightly different ... The human eye has an angular resolution of roughly 1 arcmin = 0.0003 ... read more

Discovered Pairs Of Black Holes At Centers Of Merging Galaxies

The Hubble observations ... “In our study, we see two galaxy nuclei right when the images were taken. You can’t argue with it; it’s a very ‘clean’ result, which doesn’t rely on interpretation.” The hi... read more

Pluto: From Hubble to New Horizons

That’s understandable; people see incredible high-res Hubble pictures of planets, galaxies, nebulae … so why not Pluto? It’s a matter of what’s called angular resolution, the ability to distinguish cl... read more

Scientists use mismatch in telescopic data to get a handle on quasars and their 'tails'

This technique bests the angular resolution achieved by optical telescopes several hundredfold. This is what made radio signals so useful for resolving the structure of jets expelled by quasars. "But ... read more

The Limit Of What Hubble Can See

In fact, when we go as deep as possible, even though we can’t get objects to the same resolution or faintness as Hubble ... But a galaxy like this is really probing the limit of what Hubble can reach. ... read more

Fourteen Ways Our Perception of the Universe Changed Forever in 2017

But, thanks to the gravitational lensing effect he predicted, and combined with the Hubble space telescope’s angular resolution, astronomers found ... The Event Horizon Telescope took some pictures We ... read more

The Future of Telescopes Is Looking Bigger and Brighter Than Ever

There are financial challenges, engineering challenges but we think we've found a sweet spot with the GMT where we can make a mirror that's 10 times larger than any mirror to date with three times the ... read more

Hint of Planet-Sized Drifters Bewilders Hubble Scientists

"Hubble's excellent sharpness allowed us to make this remarkable new type of observation, successfully demonstrating our ability to see ... can't resolve these images, because the bending angle is abo... read more

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