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Ancient Cremated Bodies Reveal Who Was Allowed To Be Buried At Stonehenge - Latest News

Ancient Cremated Bodies Reveal Who Was Allowed to Be Buried at Stonehenge

The little we know today about Stonehenge is a mixture of heavily researched speculation and a few facts. We hypothesize that the ring of massive, dark grey dolerite stones was considered holy ground ... read more

Cremated remains reveal hints of who is buried at Stonehenge

Nonlocal people buried at Stonehenge were cremated before being transported to the ancient site, Snoeck’s group suspects. Levels of two forms of carbon absorbed into the bones during cremation ... read more

Ancient migration transformed Spain's DNA

Modern Iberians derive about 50% of their ancestry from Neolithic farmers, 25% from ancient hunter-gatherers, and 20% from the steppe people. People from the Iron Age Iberian civilization of Spain's ... read more

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Stonehenge cremations shed light on where mysterious monument builders came from

Five thousand years ago, the people of Stonehenge buried cremated bodies under the ancient and mysterious site ... Dating of the remains later revealed that the cremations were interred during the ... read more

People buried at Stonehenge 5,000 years ago came from far away, study finds

And some of the ancient human remains found at Stonehenge have unusually distant origins, according to a new archaeological study of cremated ... revealed when they are damp or broken. It is possible, ... read more

Secrets of Stonehenge

NARRATOR: An ancient world is coming back to life. MIKE PITTS: This is an extraordinary time for Stonehenge. We're beginning to understand it in a way we've never been able to do before. NARRATOR: The ... read more

Stonehenge Was An Ancient Burial Ground For the Rich: Study

A British group led by the University College London looked at 63 bodies surrounding the historical site. They determined these people were part of a group of elite families that brought their ... read more

Stonehenge burial pit for Neolithic elite contains 'surprising' number of women

But a burial pit found at Stonehenge ... cremation in an identifiable form. The team used CT scans of the lateral angle of the internal acoustic canal, which provided the information needed to ... read more

The science of finding buried bodies

Jailed in 1966, Brady buried ... more ancient missing persons cases. Graveyards and cemeteries are an obvious choice for this. These can be geophysically surveyed, most commonly with ground ... read more

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