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An Obgyn Explains If You Actually Need To Check Your Iud Strings - Latest News

An Ob/Gyn Explains if You Actually Need to Check Your IUD Strings

Birth control has been around for decades, but all those options can sometimes be confusing. That’s particularly true when it comes to intrauterine devices (IUDs), which are becoming more and more pop... read more

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting an IUD

Looking for a new birth control and not really sure where to begin? Allow us to introduce the IUD (Intrauterine ... Dr. Ross explains that all IUDs are safe to use whether or not you have been pregnan... read more

11 Reasons Why Your Period Is Suddenly Lasting Forever

if your period lasts 10 days or more, or suddenly changes significantly in length for three or more cycles in a row, that warrants a call to your ob-gyn ... the IUD moved out of position or simply doe... read more

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What to Do When Your Birth Control Fails

Here are a variety of situations and solutions for questions you might have but didn’t think to ask your gynecologist ... IUD’s strings, which resemble fishing line and dangle past the cervix to aid p... read more

User's Guide: Getting An IUD

The IUD ... your period before, anyhow). IUDs need to be inserted and removed by a gynecologist. They are more effective than the pill, because you, the user, don't have to remember to do anything wit... read more

Snip and Tell

I've been going to my Ob/Gyn for years and ... is what he's great at, and we really do need a specialist. Am I wrong for being weirded out? Should I take it as a blessing? A: I would assume your fathe... read more

Here’s Exactly How to Find the Best Birth Control Pill for You

Because of this, you don’t have to take combined birth control pills at the exact same time every day for them to be effective, whereas you really need to be mindful of ... Talk with your ob/gyn to ex... read more

It's easier to buy a gun than do these 100 things in America

In order to get birth control (pills, IUD, arm implant, etc.) you’re required to find a reputable gynecologist, make an appointment (sometimes weeks in advance), pay your copay, fill out paperwork, ex... read more

Is there a way to ease IUD insertion pain?

Is there any way I can get an IUD without feeling excruciating pain? Expert answer Thanks for your question. To best help you, I consulted with Dr. Jennifer Gunter, an OB-gyn at Kaiser Permanente in S... read more

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your IUD Removed

Just like getting an IUD inserted, getting an IUD removed can cause cramping. “Usually, we would have told the patient to take Motrin [ibuprofen] a half hour before,” says Dr. Carolyn Alexander, MD, p... read more

“Pain on a Cosmic Level”

Finally, the doctor pulls the tube out and makes sure the IUD’s strings are hanging through the patient’s cervix into her vagina, so she can check them monthly to make sure her IUD is still in place. ... read more

'What Do You Mean, It Jammed': A Harrowing Journey to IUD City

Between my legs was a young and pretty OB/GYN ... your cervix, a body part you'd previously thought of as a sort of Doomsday Gate, set to open only in states of emergency. What was happening was painf... read more

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