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Amateurs Find The Holy Grail Supernova Right On Our Doorstep - Latest News

Amateurs find the 'HOLY GRAIL' supernova – right on our doorstep

Pics Exploding stars aren't an uncommon event in a universe with billions upon billions of stars in billions upon billions of galaxies – but catching an explosion in the act on our galactic doorstep i... read more

Past, Present, Future: A Journey Through Golf

We spent half our time arguing about books and James Bond movies and scavenging for lost golf balls in creeks and scummy ponds, searching for the holy grail ... home and find a new set of custom-fit T... read more

Wired Calls Out Top Science Cliches, Gives Credit Where It's Due

Thanks, Wired, for shedding some light on the shifting paradigm of science journalism, and filling in that missing link on our never-ending quest for media’s holy grail. Now all our field needs is a s... read more

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Speaker Slipper now a Government responsibility

In 2007, at 3.30 am, police were called to the Canberra wine bar, The Holy Grail, after Slipper was thrown into the street by a man who said he took offence at the MP smoking against the rules. In 201... read more

Clinton People Send Out O'Bomber Meme

The idea that our candidates should live in a bubble until the general ... deal with it and can then move on and thus it will not have as much of a punch from the right in the Fall. Right now McCain i... read more

We may all be Martians: New research supports theory that life started on Mars

"It's lucky that we ended up here nevertheless, as certainly Earth has been the better of the two planets for sustaining life. If our hypothetical Martian ancestors had remained on Mars, there might n... read more

I have arrived as a skeptic

But now, finally, I feel that I have arrived at the Holy Grail of skepticism: a goofball antiscience promoter has quote mined me. Quote mining is a tradition among the antireality crowd: they find som... read more

Discounted Logitech Harmony, Cheap Eneloops, Space Heaters, More Deals

It's not as fancy as some other Logitech Harmony remotes, but the Harmony Smart Control can still control up to eight devices, and a bundled smartphone app takes the place of many features that would ... read more

Should hedge funds be disenfranchised?

But maybe we should reflect for a moment about the implications of the official government policy that everything is for sale at the right price, now that so much of our transport system, medical rese... read more

The inconvenient truth for the Coalition's NBN

Indeed, NBN Co identified 12 major issues that the Coalition Government would have to remedy - each of them incredibly complex in its own right - within the next 18 months or so if it wanted to have a... read more

SXSW 2017 announces feature film lineup

“Whether genre, big crowd pleasers, quiet meditations, hard hitting docs, or microbudget indies, we can’t wait to share these films with our smart, passionate audiences.” Consult the full lineup below ... read more

Breaking: Researchers Create Cheap, Abundant Hydrogen

But the mushroom cloud scenario, or the flesh falling off bones scenario always put fear in our hearts and cause us to reject nuclear power. But right now our children suffer from more asthma than eve... read more

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