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Amateurs Find The Holy Grail Supernova Right On Our Doorstep - Latest News

Astronomers find a planet denser than lead

The ultimate goal is to find another Earth orbiting a star like the Sun, but the quest on the way to that Holy Grail has yielded some strange benchmarks ... we’re bound to find things at the limits of ... read more

How low can you go? Take the Great Square challenge

If you'd like to find out how dark your sky is, read on. The Great Square, one of the fall sky's best known star patterns, rides high in the south at nightfall in mid-December. It forms part of the la... read more

Speaker Slipper now a Government responsibility

In 2007, at 3.30 am, police were called to the Canberra wine bar, The Holy Grail, after Slipper was thrown into the street by a man who said he took offence at the MP smoking against the rules. In 201... read more

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Was the Presidential Election Stolen?

During his recent confirmation hearings, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was forced to acknowledge the right to vote “is preservative of all other rights.” Without the power to elect our repr... read more

DC and Vertigo Comic Book Releases for March 2016 [Solicitations]

And the most famous oceanic hero on Earth is Aquaman, right? In our gala 50th issue ... Please see the order form for more information. In our anniversary 50th issue, Green Arrow and Deathstroke race ... read more

A yawning gap

Sure, this is another blow to a chancellor who will never again find the soubriquet "safe pair of hands" attached ... that has opened up between what we're told about the protection of our personal da... read more

The annals of "I'm not anti-vaccine," part 9 (The first volley of 2012)

Science 2.0 is where scientists are the journalists. We are a science education nonprofit operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please make a tax-deductible donation if you v... read more

Breaking: Researchers Create Cheap, Abundant Hydrogen

But the mushroom cloud scenario, or the flesh falling off bones scenario always put fear in our hearts and cause us to reject nuclear power. But right now our children suffer from more asthma than eve... read more

I have arrived as a skeptic

But now, finally, I feel that I have arrived at the Holy Grail of skepticism: a goofball antiscience promoter has quote mined me. Quote mining is a tradition among the antireality crowd: they find som... read more

"Love and Sex With Robots"

We learn all this from robot enthusiast David Levy in his intriguing but very strange new book, Love and Sex with Robots, which if nothing else gets ... is a great idea for a science fiction movie. If ... read more

Gravitational waves could soon provide measure of universe's expansion

Credit: Robin Dienel/The Carnegie Institution for Science Twenty years ago, scientists were shocked to realize that our universe is not only expanding ... and the age of the universe; it's been a holy ... read more

Young suffer in our return to a class-based nation

We continue to punish the young, to offload our problems onto future generations and to reduce ... It is always difficult for those immediately out of school and with little experience to find work. I... read more

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