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A High-Fat Diet May Be Bad for Your Gut Bacteria

Eating too much fat may be bad for your gut bacteria, a new study from China suggests ... calories and amount of protein and fiber in participants' diet was the same for all groups. The participants a... read more

Good & Bad Effects of Bacteria

Of course, not all bacteria have a good reputation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 48 million people get sick yearly from bad bacteria found in food. Let’s start with the ... read more

Artificial sweeteners in diet soda are toxic to gut bacteria

advantame and acesulfame potassium-k — have all been found to be toxic to gut bacteria. More and more studies are realizing the importance of gut bacteria to a person’s overall health with bad bacteri... read more

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We know there's nasty bacteria in the water, but how bad is beach sand? It's a mystery.

Smigo said it’s important for people to know that sometimes, exposure to bacteria is inevitable. The best way to protect yourself is to avoid drinking the water. “Everybody should understand that all ... read more

Immigrants in the US are helping scientists understand how gut bacteria can be contagious

We have a give-and-take relationship with our gut bacteria: we house and feed them, while they block out the bad ... all over you, they kind of are,” Andrew Moller, an evolutionary biologist at the Un... read more

Zap! Graphene is bad news for bacteria

The contact may be something like a knee hitting pavement, but in this case, the bacteria are all knee and the sharp graphene edges quickly destroy their membranes. Fortunately, LIG's anti-fouling pro... read more

UB GEM workshops aim to overcome notion that ‘bacteria’ are ‘bad’

UB’s Community of Excellence in Genome, Environment and Microbiome (GEM) wants to introduce you to them all. From Nov ... the large number of good bacteria that colonize our bodies and keep us healthy ... read more

Energy drinks just as bad for teeth as soda, dentists say

Dentists say there's a misconception that these beverages are healthier than soda for oral health, but a study done several years ago found energy drinks are twice as bad for tooth enamel ... there's ... read more

Artificial Sweeteners Are Not Harmful For Gut Microbiota, They Are Even Prebiotics

Even now a Goop or Whole Foods shopper will casually state that diet soda is "bad ... gut bacteria is meaningless, but the take home message remains use common sense: don't try and drink 7,000 diet so... read more

Pumped breast milk has different bacteria than milk from moms who breastfeed directly, a new study finds

"So it is not the case that if your milk contains these bacteria, your baby will necessarily get sick. It's not that straightforward. But it is an interesting finding that deserves further investigati... read more

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