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Aggressive Breast Cancer Cells Hijack Natural Stress Protector To Thrive - Latest News

Aggressive breast cancer cells hijack natural stress protector to thrive

A member of a protein family known for protecting our cells also protects cancer cells in aggressive, metastatic breast cancer, scientists report. Induction of heat shock protein 70, or HSP70, – which ... read more

Breast cancer cells hijack natural stress protectors

which protects cells from stress - appeared to be a key difference between difficult-to-treat triple negative breast cancer and the more responsive estrogen-positive breast cancer. "This aggressive br... read more

In Defense of Food: Transcript

And the various cells ... of colon cancer in just two weeks. Michael Pollan: So the larger lesson is that we’re not just eating for ourselves. We’re eating for the trillions of microbes that inhabit u... read more

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How to hijack degrading complexes to put cancer cells asleep

Newcastle and Dundee University researchers have uncovered an alternative path of how the breast cancer drug palbociclib drives malignant cells into cell death, senescence. Palbociclib is a drug used ... read more

Clues to breast cancer hidden inside stem cells

But stopping them could be critical too, as evidence implicating stem cells in cancer is mounting. In the human breast, up to 20 per cent of all tumours are now suspected to originate in stem cells. N... read more

Cancer cells have Alzheimer's disease, too

"In addition, we may also be able to turn active cancer cells into dormant ones by encouraging them to store the proteins as amyloid bodies." Amyloidogenesis enables cells to remain viable during prol... read more

Protein may protect tumor-initiating breast cancer cells

"The protein we have identified—G3BP2—affects the survival and proliferative potential of breast cancer cells by regulating the ... found in cellular structures called stress granules, which are forme... read more

Health and Wellness News - Los Angeles Times

“It’s a fiercely noncompetitive dance space,” said creator and founder Emilia Richeson, who teaches her unique class at a handful of fitness hot spots across Los Angeles. “One of the best ways to prac... read more

These Experiments Are Building the Case to Terraform Mars

Still, the research reveals the kinds of microbes that might thrive on an otherwise inhospitable planet. Part of the second round of the experiment, EXPOSE-R2, just returned from the ISS in March alon... read more

Harder for T cells to fight cancer in absence of VEGF-A

Contrary to what was previously believed, the immune system's cancer-killing T cells are more effective in a tumour's anoxic environment when they have access to growth factor VEGF-A. In a study from ... read more

Anti-aging pathway enhances cell stress response

... under continual assault from stress. Hidden from sight, our cells battle challenges such as their environment, bacteria, viruses, too much or too little oxygen, and physiological stressors. Molecu... read more

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