National Savings Certificate: What will be interest on NSC purchased on or after 1st day of January, 2023

The interest rate is revised every quarter by the government of India. The lock in period of the National Savings Certificate is five years and for this quarter it earns an interest of 7%. read more

What Fed Rate Increases in 2023 Mean for Savings Accounts

This is after seven rate increases in 2022 ... These rates lag behind the national average savings rate, which is 0.33% as of January 17, 2023, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. If you ... read more

After the Fed’s latest move, how come you’re still not getting a higher rate on your bank savings?

Interest rates are higher (again), courtesy of the Federal Reserve, which hiked its benchmark interest rate Wednesday, for the eighth time in a row since last March. read more

Footy star is hailed as a hero after saving screaming woman from vicious attack by a man on the Gold Coast: 'I put him in a choke hold and pinned him down'

Former NRL enforcer Brett White has been lauded after saving a woman this week who was being viciously attacked on the Gold Coast. A witness said if White didn't intervene, it could have been dire. read more

Energy savings from insulation ‘vanish’ after four years, study claims

The energy savings homeowners get from insulating their homes are wiped out after a few years, new research claims ... read more

Income tax clarity day after Budget 2023: Which scheme works for you best

As the dust settles a day after Union Budget 2023, it becomes easier to decide if one should opt for the new or the old income tax regime. One thing that is clear is that in the new income tax scheme, ... read more

Epigenetics: Saving new moms and their babies

A new national study of women between 18 and 44 shows that complicated pregnancies are happening more and more often throughout the United States, rising by 16% in the last four years. read more

Barclays customer ‘completely shocked’ after scam leaves savings account drained by £22,50

As soon he discovered the loss, he contact his bank Barclays to try and get his money back, however, he claimed they were not able to compensate him. Mr de Simone said: "They could not identify a ... read more

Banking & Savings: NS&I Adds £15 Million To Premium Bond Prize Fund

National Savings and Investment (NS&I), the ... around one-in-10 people paid tax on the interest earned from their savings after the personal savings tax allowance was introduced in 2016. read more

Premium Bonds prize rate hiked again but this 4.56pc savings account smashes it

Premium Bonds now offer the highest potential returns in more than a decade but savers can still get a better return from a market-leading savings account. They face a tough choice. read more

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