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After The Rain Termites Swarm; They Eat Wood Food Storage More - Latest News

Termites: The Silent Menace

These wood ... food. When temperatures spike during the spring, reproductive termites leave their nests to start new colonies.These winged insects are commonly mistaken for flying ants. While swarms c... read more

Collective Mind in the Mound: How Do Termites Build Their Huge Structures?

The termites also "farm" a symbiotic fungus that occupies eight times more ... and they swarm frantically around the exposed structure. Marais dislodges a chunk of dense soil about the size of a squas... read more

Concerning termites and wood

They are from 5 to 20 mm long. After swarming they shed their wings and may pair (as "queen," and "king") to start a new colony (Figure 2). When the first of their larvae are able to take up food ... ... read more

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Their houses are collapsing, under siege by voracious alien termite ... more likely. Farm chemicals aren’t the only places where chemicals can get into our water supplies. Hundreds if not thousands of ... read more

Fluttering termites herald autumn

The queens drop their wings, then walk until they locate a suitable nest site. The kings follow them, one king eventually setting up house with each new queen. After ... in wood. Cellulose chewed up b... read more

Get set for spring termite swarms

The termites will squeeze through cracks and crevices in the walls and foundations of homes. They also may be seen ... on the inside of trees and wood boards. A termite problem may not be visible unti... read more

Termites in Flowerbeds

Termites have amoeba-like microbes in their guts that enable them to eat wood, hence their reputation for ... When the weather turns warm and sunny after a spring or fall rain, you may see swarms of g... read more

Avoid Inviting Termites to 'Dinner' at Your House

It is the nightmare of many a homeowner: Termites merrily eating away at the family castle. Termites are Mother Nature’s way of recycling dead wood, as well as aerating the soil and increasing its fer... read more

The Strangest Animal Found in Each State

They have managed to survive on the islands because they are the only known parthenogenic snakes, meaning their unfertilized eggs hatch into new female clones. (Geckos also utilize this adaptation.) A... read more

Jellyfish shift ocean food webs by feeding bacteria with mucus and excrement

These gelatinous swarms stretch for miles ... As a result, the oceans lose valuable food energy that would otherwise have gone to larger animals like fish. Jellyfish are often viewed as an energetic d... read more

Termite Swarm Season is Approaching!

A combination of warm temperatures and rain in the spring trigger swarms. These winged termites emerge from cracks in buildings or holes in the soil looking to mate and find new nest sites and food so... read more

How often should I get a termite inspection?

Signs of activity can include swarming ... could indicate termites eating away at wood. - Termite excrement, which looks like wood pellets or coffee grounds. - Discarded wings, from termites chewing o... read more

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