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After The Rain Termites Swarm; They Eat Wood Food Storage More - Latest News

South Florida's warm winter plus recent rain equals early termites

A colony of subterranean termites can eat three to 11 pounds of wood ... South Florida: Native subterranean: Dark brown, 0.3 inches long including wings. Usually swarm in February and March, depending ... read more

Termites make right with mushrooms

Since it is cool and moist there, as the store of chewed wood grows, microorganisms appear that produce sugar, which becomes to termites' food. The bigger the store of wood, the more ... form they are ... read more

Termites: The Silent Menace

These wood ... food. When temperatures spike during the spring, reproductive termites leave their nests to start new colonies.These winged insects are commonly mistaken for flying ants. While swarms c... read more

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They work without respite for their entire 2-year life span. The most obvious sign of an active termite nest is when swarming occurs. For western subterranean termites, this generally happens after .. ... read more

Collective Mind in the Mound: How Do Termites Build Their Huge Structures?

The termites also "farm" a symbiotic fungus that occupies eight times more ... and they swarm frantically around the exposed structure. Marais dislodges a chunk of dense soil about the size of a squas... read more

Concerning termites and wood

They are from 5 to 20 mm long. After swarming they shed their wings and may pair (as "queen," and "king") to start a new colony (Figure 2). When the first of their larvae are able to take up food ... ... read more

5 things you need to know during native subterranean termite season

With mating adults, or alates, swarming "occurs during warm, sunny and windless afternoons usually after rain." This is in contrast to Formosa termites ... but they cannot survive without a water supp... read more

A safe way to control plant-eating bugs

Food & Home Community A+ Submit an announcement ... read more

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Their houses are collapsing, under siege by voracious alien termite ... more likely. Farm chemicals aren’t the only places where chemicals can get into our water supplies. Hundreds if not thousands of ... read more

Experts warn of termites swarming season

Termites can be found in all states in the U.S. except Alaska, and experts say nearly 600,000 homes are invaded by them every year. "They basically like to eat wood and ... is found along with a food ... read more

Termites in Flowerbeds

Termites have amoeba-like microbes in their guts that enable them to eat wood, hence their reputation for ... When the weather turns warm and sunny after a spring or fall rain, you may see swarms of g... read more

Termite Swarm Season is Approaching!

A combination of warm temperatures and rain in the spring trigger swarms. These winged termites emerge from cracks in buildings or holes in the soil looking to mate and find new nest sites and food so... read more

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