New App Calculates Women’s Risk for Advanced Breast Cancer

A Q&A with University of California, San Francisco’s Karla Kerlikowske, MD, about cancer, obesity, breast density, inflammation and more ... read more

Men with advanced prostate cancer ‘missing months of therapy’ amid medication shortage

Doctors across the United States who treat people with advanced prostate cancer can't find supplies of a medicine that may help them live longer. read more

Medication shortage means many with advanced prostate cancer are missing treatments

An ongoing shortage of a drug for men with advanced prostate cancer is causing some patients to miss months of potentially life-extending treatment. read more

PGH bracing for possible uptick in advanced cancer cases

Cancer Institute warned of a possible uptick in advanced cancer cases in the next two to three years. This increase, according to PGH Cancer Institute Chairman Dr. Jorge Ignacio, may be attributed to ... read more

Global Advanced Cancer Pain Management Market to reach US$ 11,540 million by 2033 | FMI

The global advanced cancer pain management market is anticipated to attain an impressive valuation of USD 7265.44 million in 2023 and is estimated to reach US$ 11,540 million by 2033, trailing a CAGR ... read more

How a new radiation therapy can be a game-changer for cancer care

However, that is no longer the case now due to these new advanced technologies. Cancer cases are increasingly becoming personalised: By personalising treatment, you actually end up improving the ... read more

Cancer kills about 10,000 Nigerians each and every single month!

But, everything cannot be covered in this publication. At Helium Centre, our approach to Cancer disease prevention and treatment is well grounded in Advanced Medical & Scientific Research. And so also ... read more

Colon cancer is striking at a younger age

Colon cancer symptoms usually don’t appear in early stages of the disease, and when they do appear, the disease is often already at an advanced stage. Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist Dr Johanna Chan ... read more

Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Symptoms, Treatment, Life Expectancy

Advanced soft tissue sarcoma is a condition in which cancer cells have formed in your body’s soft tissues to an extent that treatment is unlikely to control or cure the cancer. The American ... read more

Can cervical cancer lead to infertility? Here’s what you need to know

It is important for women to be aware of the potential impact of cervical cancer treatment on their fertility and to discuss options with their doctor. With the advances in reproductive technology, ... read more

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