New Advances In Breast Cancer Treatment And Care: Impact On Indian Patients

New advances in breast cancer treatment have greatly improved patients’ survival rates and their quality of life. read more

Eight ‘red flag’ cancer symptoms you should never ignore

A new survey shows that nearly half of us ignore vital signs for more than six months but early detection has a big impact on treatment ... read more

As doctors see uptick in advanced cancers, here's how to recognize early symptoms

In 2020, at the onset of the pandemic, a national study found cancer diagnoses dropped by nearly 50%. But that's not because fewer people were getting cancer. Officials from MercyOne Hospital say it ... read more

Experts Discuss Importance of Cancer Screenings and Early Detection

In this Teal Talks episode, TV host and cancer survivor Samantha Harris leads the conversation about the advances in cancer screenings and early prevention with three renowned cancer specialists ... read more

Newly designed nanoparticles target the body’s immune cells to turn them against cancer

Scientists of the department of Advanced Organ Bioengineering and Therapeutics (Faculty of S&T, TechMed Centre) recently published a novel cancer immune therapy in the scientific journal Nature ... read more

Innovative Solutions To Cancer Require Innovative Finance: Cancer Moonshot Pathways

One lasting observation slow in coming, he said, “is that cancer is not just a medical problem. It's not just a scientific problem. It's not just a funding problem. It's all of these problems rolled ... read more

Lutetium-PSMA-617 and Novel Agents in Prostate Cancer

Oncologists share some final thoughts on lutetium-PSMA-617 and novel agents to look out for in prostate cancer treatment. read more

Simple Ways to Avoid Pancreatic Cancer, Say Doctors

Pancreatic cancer is considered one of the deadliest cancers because it's difficult to diagnose and is oftentimes discovered in later stages when treatment isn't effective. According to the American ... read more

Amgen says Lumakras plus immunotherapy for lung cancer needs further study

A small study of Amgen Inc's Lumakras drug combined with immunotherapy found it helped 29% of advanced lung cancer patients, but liver toxicity was high and further study is needed, the company said ... read more

FDA Accepts Menarini Group and Radius Health's Filing Under Priority Review For Breast Cancer Candidate

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted the Menarini Group and Radius Health’s (NASDAQ: RDUS) New Drug Application (NDA) for the lead asset elacestrant in patients with ER+/HER2- ... read more

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