Targeted therapy shows benefit for people with advanced breast cancer in late-stage trial

An experimental treatment shows promise for people with the most common form of advanced-stage breast cancer, according to results from a Phase 3 clinical trial. read more

Scientists hail ‘landmark moment’ in the treatment of advanced breast cancer

Capivasertib is being made by pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca following a programme of drug discovery research at the Institute of Cancer Research. read more

New lab could ‘better control advanced cancer’

Australian Cancer Research Foundation CEO Kerry Strydom says a new cancer lab focusing on precision cancer medicine will have “huge potential to better control advanced cancer” and “enhance quality of ... read more

New breast cancer drug hailed as 'landmark' moment in treatment of advanced disease

Around 8,000 women in the UK could benefit from the treatment, which can stall disease for twice as long as previous medicines ... read more

Targeted drug offers 'landmark moment' in treatment of advanced breast cancer

The latest clinical trial using a new targeted drug - capivasertib - alongside hormone therapy suggests the combination could become the new treatment for patients with advanced forms of the most ... read more

‘Distressing’: Up to 96% of patients with advanced cancer experience the same symptom

As cancer advances, a great number of patients become afflicted by acute or chronic pain. Writing in the journal of Clinical Oncology in 2020, researchers described some “common distressing ... read more

Advanced Prostate Cancer Videos

Neoadjuvant Therapy for Men with High Risk Disease Prior to Prostatectomy - Mary-Ellen Taplin ... read more

Targeted drug offers 'landmark moment' in advanced breast cancer treatment

New drug has shown 'fantastic' results — shrinking tumours and doubling the amount of time people have before their disease progresses ... read more

Capivasertib Improves PFS in AI-Resistant, HR+/HER2– Advanced Breast Cancer

Adding capivasertib to treatment with fulvestrant improved progression-free survival in aromatase inhibitor-resistant, HR+, HER2- advanced breast cancer. read more

Adding AKT Inhibitor Doubles PFS in Advanced, HR-Positive Breast Cancer

Addition of an investigational AKT inhibitor to standard fulvestrant (Faslodex) doubled median progression-free survival (PFS) in the second-line setting for patients with hormone receptor ... read more

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