Venture capital is investing little in new treatment for addiction, report finds

In the context of other diseases, the lack of investment is stark. Venture capital firms invested just $130 million into novel addiction treatments in the past 10 years, according to the report, ... read more

How Treating Addiction as a Disability Could Transform Treatment

There is strong evidence that one of the best interventions for treating intravenous drug use is providing free needles and related services (such as education on overdose prevention and testing for ... read more

Some addiction treatment centers turn big profits by scaling back care

His father had already received bills from BRC Recovery totaling about $150,000 to cover McKegney's treatment for addiction to the powerful opioid fentanyl, according to insurance statements shared ... read more

Addiction psychologist warns Dr. Phil audience smartphone addiction ‘more challenging to treat than heroin’

Dr. Phil spoke with digital addiction expert Dr. Nicholas Kardaras about how to battle reliance on smartphones among youth, comparing it to a drug problem. read more

Digital addiction expert warns smartphone addiction is harder to treat than heroin

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras said digital addiction is specifically dangerous because it is more ‘ubiquitous and socially accepted’ than illegal drugs. read more

Demand for heroin addiction treatment increases

Over 1,400 more people were treated for heroin addiction last year than five years earlier. In 2017, over 8,000 people received opioid-substitution prescriptions, under the medical card scheme. By ... read more

Oregon ranked 50th in the US for providing access to addiction treatment; recovering addicts want better resources

Nearly 100 Oregonians rallied outside the state Capitol on Wednesday. They were asking for better addiction and recovery treatments. read more

For the first time, the coalfields authority is helping fund an addiction treatment center

A new residential addiction recovery facility will be built in Dickenson County, which has had one of the highest overdose rates in the state. read more

Rob Shaw: People are dying – when will B.C. fix its broken addictions treatment system?

B.C.’s addictions treatment system is an infuriating mess that’s not working. Let's start there, and say it out loud, because it’s true. The politicians know it. Two successive governments have failed ... read more

Former Russell hospital will become treatment center for mental health, addiction recovery

Kentucky’s Addiction Recovery Care announced Wednesday it will open a new treatment center at the former Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital in Greenup County. read more

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