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Actually, it's theists who believe in nothing, quite fervently

Please make a tax-deductible donation if you value independent science communication, collaboration, participation, and open access. You can also shop using Amazon Smile and though you pay nothing ... read more

How To Argue For Atheism: 5 Misconceptions About People Who Don't Believe in God

really vulnerable to have faith in God in an age of advanced scientific discovery. As such, it's damn near impossible to make the case for Atheism without it being quite hurtful to the believer. It ... read more

Why are believers ignorant about atheists?

and then went on to argue that, unless you believe in God ... speculating fervently on how atheists clearly have no basis for morality, and only reject religion so we can be free of its rules... when ... read more

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Religious Believers Have a Lot More in Common With Atheists Than They Realize

Douthat accuses Gopnik of simplifying and misunderstanding the ways in which people believe; Coyne, who is mentioned in Gopnik's essay, is more generous but also critical. Gopnik's intent is quite ... ... read more

Don't Stop Denying

NASA, for its ... what really happened on the Moon in 1969 because Obama beat racism? But, oh boy, where to begin? A conversation with Moon landing hoaxers gets substantially more interesting when you ... read more

The pull of 'heaven': Even some atheists believe in afterlife

A reader who believes fervently in the existence ... between 72 percent and 83 percent of Americans believe in heaven. A Pew poll, he notes, found that 95 percent of Mormons believe heaven exists. ... read more

Here are 8 ways conservative right-wingers convert people — to atheism

Or the biblical creation story is really sacred metaphor. But young earth creationists who believe the world appeared in its ... all-or-nothing proposition – they force at least some would-be ... read more

God preserve us from evangelistic atheists

Never mind that millions of people hold to its text and teachings ... Plainly there is a problem. There is nothing quite like a dedicated atheist for evangelistic fervour, and nothing quite like ... read more

Dawkins is Wrong! The Fastest Growing Religion is Atheism

Recently bestselling atheist author Richard Dawkins sent out a tweet warning those who might be rejoicing at the “death throes” of Christianity in Europe to remember that “something worse” might be ... read more

Social Justice: Our New Civil Religion

You really have to see ... Furthermore, I believe that Christians see daily life going on locally much as it always did, with the exception, maybe, that their churches don’t attract as many people. ... read more

What We Really Believe

It’s really ... “nothing” is not merely a sociological fact or a quirk of the Internet age. It may be the key to understanding contemporary American politics. As a reasonably well-informed political ... read more

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