CrazySlick accused of sexual harassment by several Twitch streamers

Twitch streamer AdrianahLee stepped forward yesterday to speak on her alleged sexual assault by fellow streamer CrazySlick in January 2020, also accusing fellow streamers Mizkif and Maya of ... read more

Woman jailed after falsely accusing food agency officer of molestation

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/Asia News Network): A woman was on Monday (Sept 12) sentenced to four weeks' jail for threatening a public servant with false molest accusations, and fined S$5,000 for ... read more

Khan regrets accusing AJ of having affair with his wife

Amir Khan has revealed he now deeply regrets accusing Anthony Joshua of having an affair with his wife and losing a good friend – admitting his fellow boxer had done nothing wrong. Khan said he ... read more

Facebook users sue Meta, accusing the company of tracking on iOS through a loophole

Apple introduced iOS 14.5 in April of last year, striking a massive blow to social media companies like Meta that relied on tracking users' behavior for advertising purposes. The company cited the ... read more

Tensions rise between Greece and Turkey over island military bases

Tensions continue to escalate between Turkey and Greece over territorial disputes in the Aegean Sea. In the past, such tensions have been defused by US or European leaders, but this time there are ... read more

Missing girl’s mother sues over posts accusing her of abduction

NARITA, Chiba Prefecture--A woman here who is searching for her missing daughter is seeking to unmask the identities of people who accused her in online posts of being behind the disappearance. read more

Horizon Sets the Record Straight on Statements Made by TransGlobe Energy Corporation

Horizon corrects TransGlobe’s statements so that its fellow shareholders can make an informed decision at the upcoming Meeting. Horizon had expected that TransGlobe would seriously consider and ... read more

U.S. puts sanctions on Iran morality police, accusing unit of abusing women

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on Iran's morality police over allegations of abuse of Iranian women, saying it held the unit responsible for the death of a 22-year-old in custody ... read more

Boxer Amir Khan: Why I accused Anthony Joshua of sleeping with my wife in wild Twitter rant

Khan explained that he reacted poorly to one of her taunts. Amir Khan regrets accusing fellow boxer and former friend Anthony Joshua of sleeping with his wife, Faryal. Getty Images “What happene ... read more

Ukraine Strips Iranian Ambassador Of Accreditation After Accusing Tehran Of Supplying Drones To Russia

Kyiv said on September 23 that it has stripped the Iranian ambassador of his accreditation and decided to reduce Tehran's diplomatic presence in Ukraine to protest drone deliveries to Russia. read more

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