Beautician ex-wife of 'cocaine baron' accused of his murder tells court she 'only gave robbers who tortured him to death the tip-off about his location because she wanted to ...

A beautician on trial accused of the murder of her ex-husband after he was found 'tortured to death' has denied any involvement in the killing. read more

No (female) minister: Rishi Sunak accused of putting Cabinet's women into hiding

Analysis by MailOnline shows that women have conducted one in every nine of the regular 'media rounds' carried out by ministers since he became PM 100 days ago. read more

Drug charges laid against Flinders Park pair accused of attempted cocaine trafficking

Detectives search a home in Adelaide's west and arrest an 82-year-old woman and a 30-year-old man, charging them with attempting to traffic a large commercial quantity of cocaine. read more

Mexico zoo director accused of killing and cooking four pygmy goats for party

The former director of a zoo in southern Mexico killed four of the zoo's pygmy goats and served them up at an end-of-year party, authorities say. read more

Pfizer Accused of 'Obscene' COVID Profits After Posting Record Revenues

The pharmaceutical giant posted income of over $100 billion in 2022, the majority coming from Covid products, but it expects to lose out as the pandemic wanes. read more

Jury retires in trial of man accused of assassination threat against Sturgeon

Jury retires in trial of man accused of assassination threat against Sturgeon - William Curtis is on trial at the High Court in Glasgow. read more

Mexico zoo chief accused of ordering pygmy goats to be killed and cooked for party

Authorities claim animals in the zoo in city of Chilpancingo were sold, traded or eaten under orders of former director ... read more

Beano accused of promoting junk food to children

Quizzes on comic’s website give ‘free advertising’ to well-known high fat, salt and sugar brands, say researchers ... read more

George Santos - news: Veteran who accused Santos over dying dog talks to FBI, as karaoke account revealed

Embattled GOP congressman George Santos is facing yet another issue after his longtime treasurer jumped ship amid suspected probes by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Justice Department ... read more

'There is no border!' Biden accused of 'intentionally' letting migrants across US border

Republicans have savaged Joe Biden over his handling of the migrant crisis at the US' southern border with one claiming he deliberately fuelled the spiralling crisis. read more

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