Economics class: UK’s yawning current account deficit raises financing risks

UK’s yawning current account deficit raises financing risks ‘The current account deficit — which includes the i) UK trade balance and ii) the net income from foreign investm ... read more

Jack Dee closes Paypal account after online payments giant cancels Free Speech Union

The stand-up comedian, 60, accused the Californian company of bullying customers after it also shut the account of UsForThem - which campaigned to keep schools open in Covid. read more

Michael Gove among senior Tories urging ministers to hold PayPal to account after the US online payment giant abruptly cancelled the accounts of free speech campaigners

Leading figures of the Tories including Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith and Sir Graham Brady want the American online payment giant to be held to account over cancelling freedom of speech group. read more

Interest rates are shooting up. So why is your savings account still paying 0.13%?

Brick-and-mortar banks are paying rates that are far below the Federal funds rate. Here's why — and how to find a better rate. read more

The highest savings account rates today: Earn up to 2.61% APY on a high-yield savings account

The highest savings account interest rates today earn at least 2.05% APY. According to the FDIC, the average savings rate in the US is 0.17% APY. read more

The Sweet Story Behind Instagram Account A Daily Cloud — a Jennifer Garner Favorite!

Chris Judge sees figures when he stares at the clouds — and he wants to make sure others do too. Early in the pandemic, the 46-year-old illustrator began doodling faces on photos he snapped and ... read more

Will Opening a Savings Account Affect My Credit Score?

Opening a savings account does not impact your credit score because you aren't borrowing money and the activity in your savings account isn't reported to a credit agency. Most financial institutions ... read more

Swiss Q2 current account narrows, reserve asset growth slows

Switzerland's second-quarter current account surplus narrowed by nearly 1 billion Swiss francs to 11 billion Swiss francs ($11.23 billion), the Swiss National Bank (SNB) said on Friday. read more

U.S. current account deficit shrinks in second quarter

The U.S. current account deficit narrowed sharply in the second quarter amid a surge in goods exports, data showed on Thursday. read more

Does a Wedding Savings Account Make Sense For You?

Planning a wedding can be exciting but it can also turn up the pressure on your budget. Opening a wedding savings account is something you might consider if you'd like to set aside money for the big ... read more

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