The most stressful job in the U.S., according to data―it pays $208,000 per year

There are many stressful jobs in the workforce, but one of the most stressful is urologist, a medical position focused on the genitourinary systems. read more

Holiday gift shopping? These are the most searched products of 2022, according to Google

These are Google’s most-searched products of 2022 that make perfect gifts this holiday season for everyone on your list. read more

The 5 key steps for an amazing at-home spa facial, according to experts

As amazing as a spa facial can be, we don’t always have the time or budget to make it a regular part of our skin care routine. But if you’ve ever gotten a facial before, you’ll know that it consists ... read more

Cornwall is one of the world's most popular holiday spots according to Google

Cornwall has been named one of the top 10 most searched for holiday destinations in 2022 according to Google alongside the likes of Turkey and Benidorm ... read more

Here’s how to invest in the stock market next year, according to Bank of America

Recession signals are blaring, interest rates are on the rise, and Fed policy remains uncertain - but investors still should have a playbook. read more

Inside SoftBank Vision Fund's awful, terrible, really bad year. How the venture fund tumbled, according to former employees, investors and rival VCs.

From $23 billion in losses to an exodus of talent, former employees and rival VCs describe SoftBank's recent performance as a fiasco. read more

These Are the Most Searched Recipes of 2022, According to Google

Don't worry. Google also broke things down into categories, so plenty of the findings fit our niche, including the top 10 recipe searches of the year. Coming in at number one was "sugo," a ... read more

6 Beauty Trends We Should Leave Behind in 2022, According to Experts

Trends in the beauty world change and shift constantly, which is, overall, a good thing (looking at you, pencil brows). But preferences aside, while this year introduced us to a variety of new ... read more

"According to SpendEdge's "Fatty Acid Market Sourcing and Procurement Market Report," this Market will grow by USD 7461.16 Billion by 2026.

The Fatty Acid Sourcing and Procurement Market are expected to develop at a CAGR of 6.33% CAGR by 2026. This study provides essential insights and analytics to enable buyers to identify and shortlist ... read more

Schrödinger's blue check: according to Twitter, I may or may not be notable

Twitter is rumored to re-roll-out its flopped Twitter Blue subscription tomorrow, which will once again enable people to pay real cash money to get a blue check next to their name. This is especially ... read more

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