Credit Information Corporation (CIC)—the country’s sole public credit registry and repository of credit information—is planning ... read more

How To Maintain A Healthy Credit Profile?

Maintaining a healthy credit profile means using credit within limit and paying dues on time. This improves your chances of getting better loans in the future. read more

CIC to give access to credit reports via more channels

CREDIT Information Corp. (CIC) will allow access to credit reports through financial institutions to streamline the process, its president said. read more

25 - Accessing Larger Lines of Credit with Credit Stacking's Jack McColl

Your host, Jeff Ford talks with Jack McColl of Credit Stacking. Jack McColl has been featured on MarketWatch, Disrupt Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and many other publications and podcasts for his ... read more

Individuals may soon access credit information via banks

THE Credit Information Corp. is looking to enable the issuance of individual CIC Credit Reports through financial institutions authorized to access the CIC’s database. In a survey conducted in the ... read more

World Bank warns of difficulty in accessing external financing

The country will have a tough time borrowing from the international market this year, given its high debt portfolio – a warning the World Bank has sounded to all sub-Saharan African countries with ... read more

Accessing Money Abroad

There are several methods for accessing money abroad. Regardless of which method ... and phone calls for the first couple days and in case you have issues with your debit/credit card. Some U.S. banks ... read more

Just what the doctor ordered for the livestock farmer

With most of India’s livestock in rural and remote areas, a game changer now will be the use of mobile veterinary units ... read more

Experian & Oliver Wyman see path to score 96% of credit applicants

It’s a challenge non-prime and subprime auto finance companies face regularly inside their underwriting departments. An application lands from a consumer with a thin credit file or one who isn’t ... read more

How B2C Fintechs Help People Gain Control of Their Finances

Discover some of the underlooked ways people can benefit from B2C fintech services, from accessing better personal loans to improved investment technology ... read more

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