Teen girl, 15, took her own life after accessing sick 'suicide site' on school iPad

Frances-Rose Thomas, known as Frankie, died in September 2018 after viewing the harmful content on the device on which filters to block unsuitable websites were not working property ... read more

Oracle cloud bug allowed accessing other users’ virtual disks

Severe Oracle cloud vulnerability allowed researchers to access Oracle’s virtual disk that did not belong to them. read more

Accessing Non-Relational Databases in Go

The Go language makes it easy to access any non-relational database with its drivers. In this course, Accessing Non-Relational Databases in Go, you will learn to use the Go language to interact with ... read more

Accessing Talent Through Mentorship

A mentor can manage your performance and give you feedback on what you need to improve on. Development is also key to the mentoring relationship. Your mentor will focus on your growth and give you ... read more

Here's How To Check If Someone Else Is Accessing Your Facebook Account

Therefore, it's crucial to check if someone is accessing your Facebook because it's the only way to know if your account has been compromised. If you notice some unusual changes or activities in ... read more

Creating inclusive spaces to promote better health for all

Inner space is a new organization. Their mission is to provide care for people who have experienced what they term systemic oppression and in-justice. read more

How access to better banking is bringing together “two Nigerias”

The other side has limited access to the internet due to their location or absence of infrastructure.” Can these “two Nigerias” be brought together? Nasiru Isyaku, Executive Director of Finance and ... read more

Use The Power of Analytics for a Better Tomorrow for Your Business

Analytics could be the bedrock of all enterprise B2B strategies, but there are also pitfalls to be on guard against, especially in the changing business scenarios in a post-pandemic world. read more

Why a cheeseburger is a better competition prize than one million dollars

Ad Standards flags its first misleading competition case - how can marketers ensure a legal and effective chance-to-win campaign? read more

North East patients turn to 'DIY dentistry' - as proportion of people accessing an NHS dentist plummets

The average proportion of adults who had visited an NHS dentist within two years has fallen from 59.1% in 2017-18 to 43.5% across the North East ... read more

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