NHS crisis: Criminals issue 'demands' after accessing data – staff without patient records

THE NHS is facing a crisis as cyber attacks may have left patients' data in the hands of criminals, who are now issuing demands from an NHS IT supplier as records get held hostage. read more

One small change: Two psychology researchers on how to improve our health system

All healthcare professionals dealing with cancer patients should be able to refer their patients for psychological support ... read more

Gilead's Hackathon Unearths Innovative Ways To Improve HIV Prevention

When Pip Petersen heard the name of his team announced as the winner of Gilead’s Hacks for HIV Prevention contest, his jaw dropped open in surprise. Pip, a PhD student in physics at Case Western ... read more

4 Recent Innovative Vaping Technologies — Why They are Better than Cigarettes

New features are continually innovating the vaping industry, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy a better vaping experience compared to cigarettes. read more

Small charities face more barriers accessing government contracts, research finds

Smaller charities and social enterprises face more barriers than their larger counterparts in accessing government contracts, research has found. A report published by the Social Investment Business ... read more

Better Fintech Stock: Upstart vs. Affirm

Upstart faces tough interest-rate headwinds this year. Affirm could see sluggish spending, rising delinquency rates, and widening losses in a recession. One of these fintech stocks faces cyclical ... read more

SPOILERS: Why did Jeff crash in Better Call Saul?

Fans are asking why did Jeff crash in Better Call Saul? Let's dive into season 6 episode 12 and look at the Watermarks in detail. read more

Affordable food: Can Annapurna canteens in Telangana do better?

The emerging concerns of urban food insecurity are acknowledged, but very little is known on the nuanced dimensions of these. Higher urban economic growth need not by itself, imply improved access to ... read more

Lancaster University: New report reveals Universal Credit prevents recipients from accessing training to improve employment opportunities

Persistent obstacles are preventing people on Universal Credit (UC) from accessing training which could improve their career prospects, make savings to the UK Government in reduced benefit payments, ... read more

Ellipsis Health and Ceras Health Partner to Improve Early Detection of Mental Health Conditions Using Voice Biomarker Technology

Ellipsis Health, the market leader in AI-generated voice biomarker technology, and Ceras Health, a leader in digital health solutions, today announced a partnership that will integrate Ellipsis Health ... read more

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