Anti-Abortion Groups Say Republicans Are Going Too Far

Several organizations slammed a South Carolina bill that would classify abortion as homicide, making those who get the procedure eligible for the death penalty. read more

Idaho bill would criminalize 'abortion trafficking' of minors traveling out of state

A new Idaho bill would make it illegal to aid minors in traveling across state lines for abortion care while concealing it from their parents. The proposed bill is set to be voted on by the state ... read more

DNA pulled from half-eaten burrito used to charge man with firebombing anti-abortion office in Wisconsin

After nearly a year of searching, investigators used DNA pulled from a half-eaten burrito to capture the man they believe firebombed a prominent Wisconsin anti-abortion lobbying group's office. The U. read more

Florida Senate ready to take up 6-week abortion limit

The Senate Fiscal Policy Committee on Tuesday voted 12-7 to approve the bill (SB 300) after hearing often-emotional testimony from people on both sides of the issue. That approval sent the issue to ... read more

What you need to know about abortion access in Florida with 6-week ban likely to pass

The proposed legislation, SB 300, would restrict abortion after six weeks of pregnancy in nearly all cases. There’s an exception for pregnancies as the result of rape or incest, but only up until 15 ... read more

Idaho Abortion Bill Could Be First Ban On Interstate Travel For Procedure

The Idaho state legislature is moving forward with a bill that criminalizes transporting minors to get an abortion without their parents’ consent, potentially soon becoming the first state to restrict ... read more

Idaho Is About To Become The First State To Restrict Interstate Travel For Abortion

A bill would create a whole new crime — dubbed “abortion trafficking” — which aims to limit minors’ ability to travel for abortion care without parental consent. read more

Kansas tries to require abortion reversal pill disclosure — despite dispute over science

Kansas lawmakers have renewed an attempt to require abortion clinics inform residents about the possibility of reversing a medication abortion. read more

Abortion restrictions spark conflict, hours of testimony in committee hearings

Lawmakers and members of the public feuded over bills to curb abortion in multiple hearings Monday and Tuesday, debates that reached a peak when Democrats walked out of a Senate committee to protest ... read more

'Enormous burden': Labour call for removal of wait period for abortion care

LABOUR HAVE CALLED for the Government to remove existing restrictions on accessing abortion services, saying that it places an “enormous burden” on women experiencing crisis pregnancies. Senator Annie ... read more

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