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A Womans Eyes Were Glued Shut After Getting Lash Extensions - Latest News

A woman’s eyes were glued shut after getting lash extensions

There’s admittedly a certain amount of risk involved in something that can sound like a routine beauty treatment: the wax could be too hot, the manicure tools could be insufficiently sterilized or an ... read more

Woman's eyelids glued shut after botched eyelash extensions

A woman walked away from a salon with her eyes swollen shut after a standard eyelash extension procedure went horribly ... into her salon for help last Friday only the glue had already hardened and he... read more

A woman's eyes were sealed shut after a salon used superglue for her lash extensions

But every lash aficionado’s worst nightmare came true recently when a woman’s eyes were sealed shut after a salon used superglue ... the technician used oil to dissolve the glue and then scraped off t... read more

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Woman sends warning about eyelash extensions after nail glue incident

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Woman’s photos of eyelash extensions gone wrong will remind you to always do a patch test

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How Safe are Your Eyelash Extensions?

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A woman temporarily went blind after a salon used nail glue to apply her lash extensions

It’s one thing to get your lashes done and hate the results. However, it’s another thing when you find out that a salon used nail glue to seal your lash extensions ... eyes were naturally closing, but ... read more

Lashes with flash: Dyeing, extensions and other procedures give the eye area some ooomph

“Sometimes people can get an irritation on the skin at the margin of the eyelid when they actually glue those extensions ... women never leave home without a coat or two of mascara on their lashes. Bu... read more

Woman’s eyes get glued shut after lash extension application

A video posted online shows a lash technician removing superglue from a client’s eye after she allegedly got it superglued at another beauty salon.