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A Prophetic Word for Millennial Prophets

On my "Mornings with the Holy Spirit" prayer broadcast (morningswiththeholyspirit.com), the Lord gave me a word for Millennial prophets. I share it here, along with teaching to edify, comfort and exho... read more

Prophets in mission

They were to be preachers of God’s Word on the go, prophets in mission, sharing in the prophetic task of Jesus to battle the reign of evil and facing always the possibility of rejection and persecutio... read more

Problems with the Prophets (RJS)

What does it mean to claim that the prophetic literature is authoritative, inspired, and inerrant (if you like that word)? Does it mean that the named prophet (say Amos) wrote a book now included in o... read more

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God Needs Prophets of Humanae Vitae — Will You Be One of Them?

a Christian exercises his prophetic vocation when he lives and speaks the truth. Truth, after all, is God, comes from God, and is the Word of God – and a prophet’s job is to speak God’s word. Being a ... read more

Lagniappe Turned This Millennial's Side Hustle Into A Million-Dollar Enterprise

In New Orleans we have a word called lagniappe ... Sometimes it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you always think of your side gig in small terms, it will likely stay small. Nearly everyone, incl... read more

A Prophetic Word and Assignment for Seniors and Retirees

On one of my Mornings with the Holy Spirit prayer calls, the Lord gave me a profound prophetic word: I am raising you up in this hour ... These bundles include prophecy, health, prayer, and the supern... read more

Prophetic words reveal a man’s limitations

Throughout my life, I’ve always tried to follow the wisdom of my favorite Old Testament prophet, Clint Eastwood, who said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” For example, a few years ago, it was s... read more

Do Prophets Still Exist Today?

"So a prophet who predicts peace must carry the burden of proof. Only when his predictions come true can it be known that he is really from the LORD." Jeremiah 28:9 Their prophetic words should be con... read more

Crippling poverty and a future under threat

This stomach upsetting state of things leaves me feeling like Prophet Amos, that Prophet of Social Justice ... is not staking out some utopian ideal, but a prophetic reminder that in some countries, a ... read more

Are All the Biblical Books Self-Evidently Canonical?

19); the author implies that his words are inspired by the same Spirit of prophecy as spoke through the prophets of earlier days . . . his appeal throughout the Apocalypse is not to apostolic authorit... read more

A governor and his prophet

The prophet was an invited guest speaker in a special church service in a Ghanaian city. During his sermon, the young prophet gave an unambiguous account of how he had, for many years, and through per... read more

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