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A Look At The Rare Earths Ev Magnet Metals And Their Miners - Latest News

A Look At The Rare Earths EV Magnet Metals And Their Miners

Rare earths are the new technology metals, with the light rare earth magnet metals growth driven by hybrid EVs and BEVs. A look at the rare earth magnet metals - dysprosium, neodymium, and praseodymiu... read more

Rare earths deja vu: Chinese crackdown = higher prices

BravoSolution's Paul Martyn What is news, is the effect that limiting Chinese production will have on rare earth oxide prices; we only need take a look back to know this ... in rare earths prices was ... read more

Rare earth elements: the global battle for precious metals

Some analysts believe rare earth elements could be ‘the ... Everyone would like an EV on their drive, they just don’t want any REE processing waste in the backyard. Yet it does look as though industry ... read more

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Rare earth metals: Will we have enough?

Rare earth metals mine in Xinjiang, China. Credit: opalpeterliu Kelemen is confident that ongoing global exploration for neodymium, for which there is no known substitute in low-weight magnets for ele... read more

Toyota readies cheaper EV motors by halving rare-earth metal use

TOKYO -- Toyota Motor is readying electric motors that use much as 50 percent less in rare-earth metals amid concern of a supply crunch as automakers race to expand their EV lineups. Toyota has develo... read more

Prices for Rare Earth Metals Will Continue to Soar with China's Monopoly Intact

Unfortunately, the discovery may not have the impact many had hoped, which means prices for rare earth metals will continue to soar ... the weight of magnets in electric motors. But China, which produ... read more

Rare earth recycling: Is it worth it?

Rare earth metals are absolutely critical to modern ... Since every mine, refinery, and magnet manufacturer uses a slightly different process, the researchers broke their data up into a high-technolog... read more

The Single Biggest Legislative Development in the Rare Earths Market since 2010

The new law, 10 U.S.C. 2533c, closely mirrors an existing domestic sourcing law, ‘the specialty metals clause’, at 10 U.S.C. 2533b. While the latter is a Buy American clause, the former states DOD wil... read more

The Strange Second Life of America's Only Rare Earth Mine

Rare earth elements are hard-to-find metals that we need for batteries ... offered to equip a prospecting party with a Geiger counter to look for uranium or radioactive minerals. “To their surprise, s... read more

Honda will recycle rare-earth metals from batteries

For Honda, the goal was specifically to look to recycling to meet its rare-earth metal needs. Honda says the initiative won’t stop at batteries either. It intends to grow out a list of components from ... read more

Why Goldman Sachs Is Dead Wrong on Rare Earths

The recent flurry of research reports and interviews declaring rare earths overextended has not helped the industry in the least. It would serve investors well to do some research on their ... Common ... read more

The only five rare earth elements that matter

The Critical Metals Report: Can you give us an overview of the rare earth element ... just as the junior miners were coming into full bloom. At that time, I would say most of the junior REE exploratio... read more

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