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A Good Signal Booster Is The Answer To Zerobar Dead Zones - Latest News

A Good Signal Booster Is the Answer To Zero-Bar Dead Zones

Cellphone dead zones aren't solely the domain of remote areas. Just consider the no-bars section of parkway not far out of Manhattan where the cops love to clock speeders because everybody’s Waze has ... read more

FCC orders 2M people to power down cell phone signal boosters (Updated)

Absent your provider’s permission, you may not continue using your booster. For practical purposes, there is a good chance you could ... extra fees when using wireless signal boosters. We haven't ... read more

How Cellular Dead Zones Hurt Rural Towns

From the outside, this looks like a good thing—any ... three-mile wide cell phone dead zone. The problem is, no one knows why. Christian County is in western Kentucky—not eastern—so there are no ... read more

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How to boost your WiFi signal

With WiFi connections failing 45 per cent of the time, signal strength is impeded by many environmental factors such as the placement of the router, channel interference or other appliances. Although ... read more

Extend your Wi-Fi range with one of the best Wi-Fi extenders

If your Wi-Fi router lacks enough oomph to reach all your devices or leaves you with dead zones around the home or office ... throughout your house with a powerful 700mW range booster. So far, so good ... read more

Ubiquiti Amplifi Home Wi-Fi System AFI HD Wireless router – review

The Ubiquiti router and boosters aim to solve this problem by creating a wireless “mesh”, amplifying and boosting your Wi-Fi signal anywhere you could possibly need Internet access. So, does it work? ... read more

David Chang's Startup Is a Restaurant Without a Restaurant

It’s the answer to the question: What would a restaurant be like, if you couldn't actually go to the restaurant? For Maple’s founders, coming up with that answer means thinking as thoroughly about ... read more

Dropped Calls, Spotty Reception, and Poor Range: How to Get Better Service from Your Cell Phone Company

Two reasons: First, you’ll be helping others who might pass through these dead zones. Carriers will try to resolve service ... The carrier can either fix your service problem by installing a signal ... read more

You Love Easy Networking Device Setup, But So Do Scammers

Or, an extender may work poorly in a home where it's positioned in such a way that its signal bounces off a mirror or window ... like connection drops and dead zones. This isn't a coincidence. In the ... read more

zBoost Metro Cell Phone Signal Booster Giveaway!

Are there rooms in your home where you wish you could use your cell phone but you just don't get a good signal? An indoor signal booster, like the zBoost METRO from Wi-Ex, can help. Designed for use ... read more

PM Fleet: Twisting Through Maine in the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT

However, a 1200-mile round trip to Maine made it clear why that is both a good and a bad thing. The good: Despite tech features such as Driver Selectable Steering Mode that are impressive for such a ... read more

Want to Play Scrabble Like a Pro? Here’s Your Memory Trick

“The director is allowing me to play against the good Scrabble players,” Schwartz told me ... which has people choose from a few answers, or even a Scrabble game, where you hunt in your memory for a ... read more

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