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You've Been Cooking Steak Wrong Your Entire Life - Latest News

We’ve been grating cheese wrong our whole lives… and the right way is so much less messy

WE'D argue that a sprinkle of cheese makes every meal taste better, but did you know you've probably been grating your cheddar wrong this whole time ... Bea shared a recipe video from Instagram accoun... read more

We've been grating cheese all wrong our entire lives

I feel a fool Basically, if you’re like us, you’ve probably been holding the grater upright and slicing the cheese downwards (scraping your fingers in the process). Like so: ... read more

You’ve probably been cooking mashed potatoes wrong your whole life

Mashed potatoes are a much-loved cooking staple. But you could have been cooking them wrong all this time ... “It’s the best mashed potato you’ll ever taste in your entire life.” We don’t know about y... read more

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Apparently, You've Been Straining Pasta Wrong Your Whole Life

Carbs are one of the best things in life, so we feel like it is our moral duty to share with you that you have probably been draining your pasta wrong your entire life, according to a life-changing In... read more

We've spent our life not grating cheese properly - this is how to do it the right way

From spuds to spag bol, a chunk of cheddar or a pinch of Parmesan can bring a dish to life. So it may shock you to know you've probably been grating it wrong your entire life ... Tastemade UK for a ma... read more

Restaurants are cooking your steak wrong on purpose

But chew on this, steak lovers: Your medium-rare cut is getting rarer ... While getting an underdone steak has been a possibility for decades, what’s really given the phenomenon traction is that chefs ... read more

You've Been Cooking Frozen Waffles Wrong Your Entire Life

We had really been living life entirely wrong until that point ... Let each side cook for 45 seconds. If you're feeling fancy, ditch the spatula, too, and just flip that baby in the pan with the flick ... read more

Meat Eater, Veggie Or Vegan: Whatever Your Diet, Here's How To Eat More Sustainably

Instead of making meat the main part of your meal “work it in” to other recipes that include more vegetables, beans, and pulses. She also suggests using unusual cuts of meat to make the use of the who... read more

Why you should manage your energy instead of time

And what sounds like the hallmarks of a go-getter is really a recipe ... your patterns also means leaning into those waves of productivity. What we mean by “waves” are those times you’ve felt compelle... read more

Toronto Brunch Spots You Must Try At Least Once In Your Life

This is one of Toronto's favourites and if you haven't been here, you've got to try it. Of course, their infamous pancakes have probably flooded your ... chefs cooking away, prepping a delicious and m... read more

How to Decide What to Do With Your Life

You want to make a decision, but you don’t want to make the wrong one because, if you do, you’ll feel like you’ve wasted ... the whole key to “figuring out what to do with your life.” read more

Stand up for your meat at Ikinari Steak, the Japanese chain that ditches chairs

It's okay to stand your date ... can continue to cook the juicy meat on hot plates. You can add a little J-sauce, a zesty blend of soy sauce-based steak dressing. The spectacle of it all makes you for... read more

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