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Worried About Fake News? Get Ready For The Rise Of Fake Humans That Sound Just Like Us - Latest News

From sex robots to machines running our homes and relationships… the robot revolution is coming to all aspects of human life

Computer-generated AI bot' Lil Miquela' has 1.5 million Instagram followers, has graced the pages of Vogue and Wonderland magazine and done Insta-takeovers for Prada But Miquela is a fake ... decision... read more

The Real ‘Fake News’ Crisis

By JP Sottile Everything you need to know about “fake news” happened on July 19, 2017. That was the day the media stopped in its tracks and turned like ... rise of “news divisions” as profit centers f... read more

The Real Roots of American Rage

“They had it as a formula: when to fake anger ... to keep us angry. But we own some of the guilt, too. I’m not proud to admit that I know what it feels like to relish seeing an opponent get his comeup... read more

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Former SEAL worried about new book

At least one former U.S. Navy SEAL is worried that ... together to get a picture they don't need to have," McGuire told CNN on Thursday. "We know too much as it is." "When people give away secrets and ... read more

Business Does Not Need the Humanities — But Humans Do

The story was popular because it easily reads as an allegory: the hacker in chief determined to find a technical solution to every problem, even far more complex ones than Scrabble—fake news ... more ... read more

The World Is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic

Lately, however, it’s started jumping from chickens to humans ... fake news and alternative facts leaves us worse off than ever before,” says Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University. “I am ... read more

How humans will lose control of artificial intelligence

Take the recent rise of so-called "fake news." What caught many ... you see on Facebook to whether you get a job interview or car loan. Compared to the worry of a world-destroying superintelligence, t... read more

Shoestring Living: Be grateful every day

Here’s how to get a handle on your own gratitude. Figure yourself out already I plot and plunder each year, planning the perfect holiday or birthdays for those I love. This is me. This is something I ... read more

I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How.

Conveniently, there are lists of fake journal publishers ... You can thank people like me for that. We journalists have to feed the daily news beast, and diet science is our horn of plenty. Readers ju... read more

Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

There’s another kind of nuclear energy that’s been waiting in the wings for decades – and it may just ... Thorium’s Story Ideas for using thorium have been around since the 1960s, and by 1973 there we... read more

This is how The New York Times is using bots to create more one-to-one experiences with readers

They rushed to get on these platforms, leading to what Nieman Lab called the botification of news. I think this is happening now because we’re moving toward this more personal relationship between new... read more

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