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With Tax Hike On Tobacco, Alcohol, FG Kills Two Birds With One Stone - Latest News

Federal tax upped 62 cents on pack of cigarettes

Smokers looking for an extra incentive to quit might find some new motivation, courtesy of the federal government. Starting Wednesday, federal taxes on cigarettes will increase ... on tobacco preventi... read more

When Cigarettes Cost More, People Drink Less. Except For Wine

We've also known that increasing state taxes ... to kill two birds with one stone; a 20 percent increase in cigarette price would correlate to a nearly 2 percent reduction in per capita drinking. "We ... read more

Do ‘Fat Taxes’ Work?

But it has many proponents, who cast the scheme as killing two birds with one stone ... calculated that a 3-cent tax on each 12-ounce sugared soda would raise $51.6 billion over a decade. So that’s bi... read more

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Recap of Saturday, January 3

The people with kids at soccer practice or longer driving commutes would be crushed by a hike in the gas tax. Jehmu Greene, Democratic strategist: A hike in the gas tax could kill two birds with one s... read more

Look for tree frogs in the Pine Barrens on June 16

will lead a hike to ponds at the Preserve where the tree frogs' distinctive "quonk-quonk-quonk" mating call can be heard. A state endangered species, the Pine Barrens tree frog is less than two inches ... read more

A revenue and legalization lesson from FDR

By 1936, alcohol taxes were 13 percent of Federal revenue ... make it rival the sub-prime bubble as a misallocation of resources. Perhaps one stone will end up killing two birds. — At the time of publ... read more

Fighting obesity requires a war on poverty

Let's kill two birds with one stone by encouraging upward mobility ... found that each additional unit increase of BMI correlated with an 8 per cent reduction (about $US1,300) in net worth. While the ... read more

U.S. drug policy fuels push for legal pot worldwide

Talk about killing two birds with a single stone, the people can stay high, and care even less about what their "leaders" are doing, and the leaders get to collect even more tax to ... drugs and tobac... read more

Obama So Loves Immigrants He's Spending Record Amounts of Money to Keep Them Out!

As Obama continues to say that comprehensive immigration reform is one of the top priorities of his second term (along with tax reform, spending reform, infrastructure reform, educational reform, heal... read more

Charged With a Crime? Better Check Your Facebook Pictures

In one instance ... after he nearly killed another driver in a three-car collision. The pictures depicted him at a Halloween party dressed as a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit labeled “Jail Bird.” The ... read more

A new tax on illness

One is unwell so she attends the GP: $5. Day two, and another one is unwell ... It is now $36.10. This is a fourfold increase in constant dollars (allowing for inflation). The introduction of PBS copa... read more

Swollen rivers begin falling across Northeast

Large sections of Wallington, N.J. remained underwater after a cruel one-two punch: The Passaic River flooded the heart-shaped hamlet Sunday and then receded, only to rise again late Tuesday, forcing ... read more

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