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Why Pain Is So Hard To Measure – And Treat - Latest News

Why pain is so hard to measure – and treat

if so, to rate the intensity of the feeling. The clinicians then put check marks in the appropriate places. This gives the clinician a number, or a percentage figure, to work with in assessing, later, ... read more

What is chronic pain and why is it hard to treat?

But, at the moment, there is no treatment or intervention to induce that healing so the pain ... much worse for chronic pain patients than it would be for an individual with an equivalent acute injury ... read more

Why is Saving Money So Hard?

Photo: Joe Pugliese December 18, 2013 Why is saving so hard ... was a pain? I don’t want to be back there. As attractive as shopping is right now, let’s put some of our bonus toward paying down the cr... read more

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Why Teenagers Cut, and How to Help

Sarah isn’t my student, but I’ve taught plenty of kids like her, and she offered to talk to me about why she has cut herself for a decade and a half, and how the adults in her life could have helped h... read more

That Is Not an Ear Infection

Ear infections ... infected. Why is ear health such a medical mystery? Fevers, ear pulling, and ear pain don’t necessarily predict the presence of an infection, so doctors have to examine the middle e... read more

Why it's so hard to follow horrible news even when everyone tells you to pay attention

Whatever the case, it makes sense to choose exactly how often you'll bear witness; there's only so much ... are why Kalayjian has ground rules for watching what's happening in the world. She believes ... read more

Why it’s so hard for doctors to understand your pain

That means that physicians like myself need to evaluate patients on an individual basis and find the best way to treat ... why patients often respond so differently after the same type of surgery, inj... read more

No pain, no gain? 5 myths about post-workout muscle soreness

(Life by DailyBurn)-- You just crushed a really hard ... That's why on Day 1 at the gym, after doing squats or lunges with 10-15 pound weights, you can be brutally sore the next day. "But, as you cont... read more

Goodbye, Blisters! Here's Everything You Need To Know About Making Heels More Comfortable

It seems that even when we opt for the comfiest shoes imaginable, there’s a pesky strap, hard insole or unbendable heel that causes immediate friction and discomfort. So how can we ... Hoke to underst... read more

The crippling stigma of drug addiction

They come only when the pain ... why it needs to be treated. And there is no evidence that shaming or isolating or otherwise punishing someone who is addicted to drugs will cause them to want to stop ... read more

Why Doctors Are Rethinking Breast-Cancer Treatment

She also learned there was some disagreement in the field about how to treat it. She knew she wasn't ready to have one or both of her breasts cut off. And she wasn't sure she wanted a lumpectomy eithe... read more

Why Are Middle-Aged White People’s Death Rates Rising? A Researcher Explains.

Anne was working on [researching] pain and morbidity, and I was working on suicide. At some point, I thought it would be useful to put the suicide data in the context of overall mortality, and did so ... read more

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