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Why Is Elephant Cancer Rare? Answer Might Help Treat Humans - Latest News

Why is elephant cancer rare? Answer might help treat humans

CHICAGO — Cancer is much less common in elephants than in humans, even though the big beasts' bodies have many more cells. That's a paradox known among scientists, and now researchers think they may h... read more

Two new studies say the riddle's answer might someday help treat humans.

Why is elephant cancer so rare? Two new studies say the riddle's answer might someday help treat humans. Scientists found that elephants have a huge surplus of a major cancer-fighting gene - 20 copies ... read more

New 'zombie' gene found in elephants could help humans fight cancer

The lifetime cancer mortality rate for humans is about 20 percent. So what gives? With all those cells on their body, why are more elephants not stricken by the disease? Scientists may have found an a... read more

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What Elephants Can Teach Us About Cancer Treatment

But he had no idea that animals inside, elephants to be precise, might provide the answer to a question ... gained insight into why elephants so rarely die of cancer could pave the way to a better und... read more

Discovery links DNA-packaging proteins and cancer development

University of Otago scientists have unravelled the 3-D structure of two proteins, potentially providing answers as to why some people may ... a cancer that is rare in the general population but is ind... read more

U technology is key to potent drug to treat blood cancer

But not to treat fish. Merck is working with the companies to develop human immune cells genetically engineered to detect and kill blood cancer, using the U ... this can be translated in the clinic to ... read more

Potential cancer drug DCA tested in early trials

DCA has been tested as a treatment ... results show why research is so important in bringing safe and effective treatments to people with cancer – they don’t provide definitive answers, but they suppo... read more

‘This is it’: the cancer treatment that has doctors talking about a cure

The hope is one day immunotherapy can help treat all ... it will be her answer. With such a rare cancer, it’s her best hope. “Yes. It is my only option.” As promising as immunotherapy is, researchers ... read more

Empowering a Change

Why are more women being ... The solution to this global problem may be closer than expected. The question is: What’s being done to detect ovarian cancer sooner and treat it before it’s too late? And ... read more

How the Hubble Space Telescope Helped the Fight Against Breast Cancer

And that's just one of the tools NASA has developed that's now being used to fight breast cancer ... question to answer. Laughter, like crying, may have developed as a social tool. Laughter doesn't ap... read more

Joy in Crisis: My Baby Granddaughter's Cancer

Ayelet's cancer is rare and aggressive ... She asked me "why". Why do Ayelet and her parents deserve this? Why is it for the good? I asked my husband, a community rabbi, what I should say, because in ... read more

Why Doctors Are Rethinking Breast-Cancer Treatment

She also learned there was some disagreement in the field about how to treat it. She knew she wasn't ready to have one or both of her breasts cut off. And she wasn't sure she wanted a lumpectomy eithe... read more

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