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Why does Apple have to push its politics on potential customers?

What? How did that get in there? Apparently, it was part of ‘Tuesday’s Playlists.'” “I’ve written about Apple pushing its politics on its customers before on the Eye On Apple blog, and here is yet another egregious example of it,” Lynch writes. read more

Hulu Beyond 'Handmaid's Tale': Execs and Stars on a Promising Yet Uncertain Future

Behind the scenes, he is said to have clashed with the board over the decision to launch the live television service; Hopkins had wanted to make an international push ... big reason why, earlier this year, Springborn was able to beat out Apple to land ... read more

Apple vs. the FBI: Why the stakes have never been higher

The one thing we know about privacy and data security is that we have ... it does make an excellent battleground for the FBI to push for assistance involving hacking phones generally. If Apple has helped so much with the investigation previously, why ... read more

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Why Target Burned $3 Billion by Embracing Left-Wing Ideas About Sex

Target’s managers have angered millions of their customers ... women, why there are abortion rights for women but no authority for men to unilaterally stop child support, and much, much else. Why does the left want so badly to muscle its way into ... read more

Why China Will Win the Trade War

And if push comes to shove, the Chinese already have a reliable alternative supplier ... Since his threatened tariffs against China would also hit its foreign suppliers, notably in Asia, that further undermines any potential for a united front. read more

NEVER MIND THE DEATH THREATS: An Apple Store worker tells us what it's really like working for Apple

From the intense compulsory internal feedback from other staff to the death threats from irate customers whose devices don't work. Apple declined to comment when contacted by Business Insider ... Did you have any idea who Steve Jobs was or why he was ... read more

Why Apple Is Right To Reject The FBI’s Push To Brute Force iPhone Security

Basically backdoor one iPhone, backdoor them all — and invite all governments, everywhere to do so… If US does it ... the President — have started already. Apple also understandably wants some legal clarity here. Last week, its counsel, Marc ... read more

America’s belated Big Tech awakening

Why does the U.S. lag so far behind? Scientist in data scandal blames Facebook's business model Sure, Facebook will be faced with congressional hearings over its connection ... the UK's youth have started to engage in politics actively and push back ... read more

The iPhone X’s $1,000 Price Tag Is Actually a Good Thing

Even McDonald’s has been forced to slash its prices this year to generate revenue. Charging such a steep price for its premier technology does put Apple at risk for ... create badwill and lose customers. We also have a subjective sense of fairness. read more

FBI director Comey backs new Feinstein push for decrypt bill

He also supported what appears to be a fresh push ... on Apple in the San Bernadino case,” he added. “There were real reasons why we needed to get into that device — and that is true in case after case after case. And that is why we have to figure ... read more

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