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Why are we dragging our feet when more automation in health care will save lives? - Latest News

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Why are we dragging our feet when more automation in health care will save lives?

As a neonatologist, I worry about patients with pulmonary hypertension. This unforgiving disease, sometimes seen after premature birth, can end with sudden death from constricting blood vessels in the lungs. One minute a baby in the neonatal ICU may be ... read more
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When You Understand Stress You Can Manage It

Our lives become a never-ending cycle of prospecting, selling, delivering, and then back to prospecting. As one fellow entrepreneur put it: we ... More blood is quickly supplied to these muscles as the body reroutes the blood from the hands and feet. read more

Why Your Car Thermometer Is So Bad at Telling the Temperature

Thermometers and thermistors do really similar things, so this isn’t why your car is so bad at measuring outside temperatures (but we’re still appalled and kind of upset that it’s not a thermometer). The real reason is the thermistor’s placement. read more

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Premature Babies Are Struggling to Breathe. Why Are Regulators Dragging Their Feet?

It increased the time premature babies spent at a safe oxygen level by more than two hours per day. But no biotechnology company has marketed the idea. There are other examples of automated systems with unrealized potential to save lives, and not just in ... read more

10 things to know to build your rainy day fund

Sometimes, it takes the lives of your loved ones, too." When rains pours hard and catches you by surprise, do you have an emergency fund to help you get back on your feet ... If we can't afford to save 10% of our income for emergencies, why don't we ... read more

Why We Should Look For Alien Megastructures Around Pulsars

Some day in the far future, it’s possible our ... is why some SETI folks are on the lookout for these hypothetical objects. But a new study proposes that aliens are more likely to build megastructures around pulsars than stars—and importantly, we ... read more

The Daily 202: Pragmatic Koch network treads carefully around Trump, plays inside game to advance agenda

“Our hope is that we don’t have to hold their feet to the fire because ... (For a visualization of which populations’ health-care costs would be most affected by the Senate bill, here is a graphic from Kim Soffen.) Why did @SenDeanHeller lie to ... read more

Comment Of The Day: I Love The 1990s Edition

It’s why Baby Boomers lust after Pontiac GTOs ... for cars from the 1990s (and the ’80s as well) there’s more to it than that. This isn’t widely accepted wisdom yet, but more and more we’re starting to regard the ’90s as a golden age of ... read more

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How to Browse the Web and Leave No Trace

On today’s web it’s hard to set a (digital) foot ... we’d recommend paying for a reputable one—it creates a secret, sealed tunnel between your computer and the VPN’s own servers. Those servers can be located anywhere in the world, which is why ... read more

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