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Why are we dragging our feet when more automation in health care will save lives? - Latest News

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Why are we dragging our feet when more automation in health care will save lives?

As a neonatologist, I worry about patients with pulmonary hypertension. This unforgiving disease, sometimes seen after premature birth, can end with sudden death from constricting blood vessels in the lungs. One minute a baby in the neonatal ICU may be ... read more
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Premier Lays Out Plan for Fairness and Security in Uncertain Times

Today, 150 years later, the treaties are still relevant to our lives ... when more of our people get a good start in life and are able to pursue their education without barrier. That is why we are creating 100,000 new spaces in child care. read more

When You Understand Stress You Can Manage It

Our lives become a never-ending cycle of prospecting, selling, delivering, and then back to prospecting. As one fellow entrepreneur put it: we ... More blood is quickly supplied to these muscles as the body reroutes the blood from the hands and feet. read more

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is always easier with a visual. But you don’t need any complicated software to make visuals like that any more. Loopy, from developer Nicky Case, lets you draw them up with your mouse, MS Paint-style, in your browser. In just a few seconds you can create ... read more

Alaska's Most Xtreme Dentist Allegedly Pulls Tooth While Riding Hoverboard

Here’s a horror story straight out of your weirdest Mountain Dew-fueled nightmare ... joking that the procedure represented a “new standard of care.” When interviewed by authorities, the patient reportedly said she did not know about Lookhart ... read more

How I Saved Enough to Travel the World for Five Years

It was much more fun to think of the exotic clothes I would buy in foreign countries than to shop in my local stores. Working day by day, the long-term saving took care ... that why not ramp up our savings and extend our trip? We figured we could save ... read more

Bill Gates: the energy breakthrough that will “save our planet” is less than 15 years away

We talked about whether innovation is actually enough to stop climate change, why rich ... "Hey don't use your coal, use something that is substantially more expensive," you're asking them to make a trade-off against uplifting those lives to have the ... read more

Why are we scared of self-driving cars?

Filler: The wrong debate about health care Filler: The federal role in defending students Filler: The U.S. trade deficit isn’t a bad thing Filler: How do we replace ... going to save the lives of a lot of very beloved people, prevent even more nonfatal ... read more

10 things to know to build your rainy day fund

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The CBS News Republican debate transcript, annotated

You'll know more quickly as president than any of the experts. So, you've been elected president. It's your ... and we save $22,500 a year. Guess what else? They get their lives back. And the working poor, they're now getting health care. read more

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