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Why a caravan break with the in-laws is the greatest holiday you'll ever have

It is a measure of the love I have for my other half that she was the first person ever to get me to go on holiday in a caravan. I was nearly 40 and ... Secondly, we would be in the company not just my in-laws, but various friends of theirs and their ... read more
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And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.

Laura: Exactly. It’ll be like, “You thought *yesterday* was bad? Well, now you have a enormous metal chicken to deal with. Perspective. Now you have it.” Then we flagged down a salesman, and we were all “What can you tell us about these chickens?”, read more

Our Big Family Summer Holiday

We stayed on high energy until Christmas was over, and then collapsed to my parents-in-laws home by the ... I got lost. I have the most abominable sense of direction ever. I had four of the kids on board, and I am at best, a disoriented driver. read more

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