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Why Is My VARCHAR(MAX) Variable Getting Truncated? - Latest News

Performance Tips Part 1

A correct solution is to get the first row values into variables ... (name varchar(50), tid int identity(1,1) ) declare @maxid int, @name varchar(50), @minid insert into @cur1 (name) select name from ... read more

The Gigaom Interview: Max Levchin on data, sensors and building the future of finance

At its helm is Max Levchin ... these guys are just out to get the little guys, but it’s not necessarily true. They’re just too coarse and slow. You said that five years ago this would have been a craz... read more

5 Reasons Why the NBA Lockout Will Be a Good Thing

Billions of dollars that have come out of my pocket and yours ... and Mike Olowakandis go way to early in the NBA draft. With a truncated season, NBA coaches and scouts will get more time to assess co... read more

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Differences between varchar and nvarchar in SQL Server with examples

Two in particular that constantly spark questions are VARCHAR and NVARCHAR: what's the difference between the two, and how important is the difference? VARCHAR is an abbreviation for variable-length . ... read more

How Apache Spark Makes Your Slow MySQL Queries 10x Faster (or More)

Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. In my previous blog post ... so we can connect it directly to MySQL and run the queries. Why is this faster? For long running (i.e., report... read more

My journey to bring Web Push support to Node and Electron

I guess that’s also why the endpoint is named android.clients.google.com. Once checked in, we need to register to GCM to retrieve a GCM token by sending back the androidId, the securityToken, a user g... read more

Automating SQL Server Health Check (SQL Server 2005)

and this is the reason why I have added this optional mailing feature. As many of you must be aware of the system procedure sp_help_job in the msdb database, which returns details pertaining to SQL Se... read more

Your WordPress plugins might be silently losing business data

So I shifted my attention to ... helped identify exactly why it was happening. The CBX Rating plugin we were using didn’t account for this failure point. I checked the plugin’s table schema and starte... read more

Google Reduces Description Length in Desktop & Mobile Search Results

Here you can see some are truncated ... Yeah, I get that. The search results UI is pretty constantly changing though, so IMO it's normal to see these things evolve over time, maybe even reverting or p... read more

Varying Column Heights in Bootstrap

Why are there gaps in my image grid?” — “Why are the Bootstrap columns wrapping unevenly?” — “How can I align images of different height?” — “How to reduce whitespace between grid rows?” — “Why don’t ... read more

Uncover Exchange back pressure triggers with PowerShell

The easiest way to do this is to assign the Get-ExchangeDiagnosticInfo command to an XML variable. This assignment works the same ... which offers no output. This shows why administrators must specify ... read more

Running Distributed TensorFlow on Slurm Clusters

Get eBook. In this post, we provide an example of how to run ... we developed a simple Python module for automating the configuration. It parses the environment variables set by Slurm and creates a Te... read more

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