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Why rudeness is so toxic — and how to stop it

No one likes being cut off, bumped into or the recipient of a terse email. Yet it happens all the time — both to us and if you think hard enough, you can probably ... bad behavior maybe not to the person, but to the situation.” We tend to forgive our ... read more

What to Do When Your Boss Has Bad Ideas

My boss had suggested something that I thought—no, that I knew—was a really bad idea ... your boss is still a rational human being (well, hopefully) who’s willing to listen to logical arguments. In the case of my social media predicament with my own ... read more

The Type of Man You're Not Meant to Be With, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever had a really bad ... your cool when they can't. So, when you look for love, you tend to look for someone you can talk to. Being someone who likes to communicate, you know that relationships never really last unless you can communicate like a ... read more

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How To Be A Parent Your Child Wants To Talk To

Feeling estranged from your own child is ... you are condoning bad behavior. For example, my son came in the door angry last week. He slammed the door and threw his coat down. I said, “You are mad. I don’t know why, but you probably have a very good ... read more

7 Ways Being Alone Changes Your Brain, According To Science

Being ... on your own is often a good idea, and why you may remember those solo holidays much better than you do those group voyages in college (though there could be vodka-related reasons for that). Overall, a bit of time alone isn't necessarily a bad ... read more

No, veterans missing OTAs is not a big deal

They still function much in the same way as your boss ... s also why Donald didn’t show up at the Rams' voluntary program. Donald enters the 2018 season in the final year of his rookie contract, set to make $6.89 million. That’s not a bad salary ... read more

6 ways to respond to your boss yelling at you

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't stand up for yourself when they're throwing a tantrum in your direction. Your reaction to your boss yelling at you should be contingent on why they ... probably terrified of being yelled at by their own boss. read more

Jigsaw is a Really, Really Bad Idea

Well, just as soon as one company stopped being evil, another one has stepped in to ... And if you are a sales guy and have no ethical concerns about where you get your contact information, you probably already know all about Jigsaw. Unlike competitors ... read more

How to manage your boss – and yes, it’s a thing

you’re probably ... me? Why do I, then, have to think at all about managing them? Well, to put it simply, it’s because if you don’t at least try, you’re setting yourself up to fail slowly over time. Your boss is this other human being who is ... read more

25 signs you have a terrible boss

"A bad boss won't just jeopardize your ... idea or flavor of the day. That can give a terrible boss pause, and foster a more strategic approach next time you're given an 'urgent' project." There are few things more aggravating at work than being kept ... read more

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