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What You Need To Know About Palatal Expanders

Children constitute a high portion of the patients that visit the dentist for numerous reasons. Dental awareness as well as other factors has contributed to the fact that parents are investing more on their children dental health and correction. Pediatric ... read more
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What You Need to Know About the White Wine Set to Own The Summer

But it can sing along nicely with the crisp and refreshing Sauv Blanc, or it can add more oomph to make these wines something to hold up to a big dinner, often balancing a heavy dish while remaining refreshing on the palate. As you taste your way around ... read more

What Should You Expect From A Palatal Expander?

WHEN YOU START your orthodontic treatment, we create a specialized plan just for you! We use many methods and tools to give you a unique, personalized, beautiful, well-balanced smile. Teeth Crowding Is Often Solved With A Palatal Expander Many ... read more

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Does My Child Need A Palatal Expander?

One question I get asked a lot on new patient consultations is “does my child need a palatal expander ... and instability. If a palatal expander is recommended for you or your child, be sure to ask specific questions about why it’s needed? read more

Orthodontics and kids: What you need to know about braces

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