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What You Need To Know About Palatal Expanders

These are usually fixed palatal expanders and even though there are removable ones, in the case of children fixed appliances are more recommendable because they don’t need to be constantly reminded to be placed on. What can be expected from these expanders? read more
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What Should You Expect From A Palatal Expander?

WHEN YOU START your orthodontic treatment, we create a specialized plan just for you! We use many methods and tools to give you a unique, personalized, beautiful, well-balanced smile. Teeth Crowding Is Often Solved With A Palatal Expander Many ... read more

What Is a Palatal Expander?

Palatal expansion makes room for crowded teeth to align better, which may eliminate the need ... you determine whether this treatment would be beneficial for your child. You can learn more about this subject by reading our article on “Palatal Expanders.” read more

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